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How to Share Stuff with the NCDD Network

There are a whole slew of ways to share relevant news, resources and thought pieces with the dialogue & deliberation community through NCDD.  Here’s your how-to guide…

NCDD Community blog

Use the form at www.ncdd.org/submit to create draft posts directly in the NCDD Community blog. Posts here should focus on timely news (i.e. job/facilitation openings, funding opportunities, current D&D programs, proposed projects you want input on, or interesting commentary). This is our long-running main blog, which is shared automatically on our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, and GovLoop. Only NCDD members can post to the main blog, unless you’ve been invited to post something by a staff or Board member.

Resource Center

Use the form at www.ncdd.org/rc/add to add resources to the NCDD site.  Nearly 3,000 resources are described, categorized, and archived here:  books, videos, articles, evaluation tools, dialogue guides, organizations and programs, web-based databases, blogs, handouts, and more. Resources should be meaty, descriptive, and useful for a long-term archive (in other words, not just a tweet-length post with your new book’s title and link!).

Once approved for the Resource Center, your resource will be automatically posted on NCDD’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, GovLoop, and our director Sandy Heierbacher’s personal Twitter feed.

NCDD’s Listservs

NCDD runs over a dozen email discussion lists and announcement lists, powered and donated by L-Soft’s LISTSERV®.  You’ll find instructions for subscribing and posting to all the lists at www.ncdd.org/listservs.  All lists are moderated to eliminate spam and keep content relevant to the lists’ focus.

The NCDD Discussion list is our most active and most popular listserv.  Most NCDD members (and some non-members) are subscribed, and it’s hands-down the best way to truly connect with NCDDers (i.e. not just share posts).  You must be subscribed to post to the list, and subscribers should familiarize themselves with the list’s ground rules.  The NCDD Discussion list can be a wonderful resource if you’re looking for advice or resources from thoughtful professionals and up-and-comers who are generous with their know-how and experience.

Our other lists provide a quick way to share relevant announcements, questions, and requests with NCDDers in specific regions (CA, Central TX, CO, Boston, New England, Cascadia, DC) or with specific interests (higher ed, newbies, and making-a-living/job announcements).

Dialogue Storytelling Tool

This new tool allows you to report on the basics of your dialogue and deliberation projects and events, so that NCDD can do the work of spreading the word.  We’ll share your story with our partners at the Kettering Foundation and at Participedia.net, and we may also feature it on the NCDD site. Kettering, Participedia, and NCDD are interested in what you’ve got going on, and may follow up with you or even assign someone to gather more info about your dialogue and deliberation projects.


Please note that the Dialogue Storytelling Tool is designed to collect mini case studies of dialogue and deliberation projects (past or present — not concepts). If you don’t have a specific case or story to share, but want to tell people generally about your organization, methodology or tool, or idea, use the other options listed on this page.

Go to www.ncdd.org/storytelling-tool now to submit your first story!

NCDD’s Monthly Updates

Over 33,000 people are currently subscribed to NCDD’s monthly email updates as of April 2014. If you’d like to see something shared in an NCDD Update, email NCDD’s director Sandy Heierbacher (sandy [at] ncdd [dot] org) with details. Generally, we’ll ask you to submit your item to the Community blog or Resource Center, and it will be listed in the next Update as one of the latest additions to the site.  Special announcements of broad import to our field may be featured more prominently, especially if NCDD is playing a role in the project.

To increase your chances of being featured in the update, offer a discount for NCDD members and/or name NCDD as a sponsor or partner. We’ll also soon be offering a sponsorship option for our monthly updates, where for $500, you can get your organization (or conference, etc.) described alongside your logo or image and a link where people can learn more.

NCDD’s Facebook group

With nearly 2,700 members, our Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/ncddnetwork) is a great place to connect with other movers-and-shakers in dialogue & deliberation, to pose questions about D&D, and to share your own news and resources. Join the group, wait for your group membership to be approved, then introduce yourself and post. Note that people who add posts unrelated to group process and public engagement are removed from the group quickly so content remains focused.

NCDD’s Facebook page

We use our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ncddpage) to automatically share posts from over 50 great blogs run by members of NCDD (and a few valuable Facebook pages of members who don’t have blogs). If you like to stay on top of what’s happening in our field without checking dozens of different websites, we can’t emphasize enough how useful the NCDD page truly is!

We recommend you subscribe to the Feedburner emails summarizing what’s new on the page. All of our FB page posts are also shared via Twitter, so following @ncdd on Twitter is another great way to stay in-the-know about news across our field.

You’re more than welcome to post news, announcements, questions, commentary — anything related to public engagement or conflict resolution — on the NCDD Facebook page.  Of course, you have to “like” us first! We have over 1400 fans or “likes” on the page as of March 2014.

NCDD’s LinkedIn group

Our LinkedIn group has 1,400 members as of October 2013, and it’s a great place to start discussions with professionals in our field. It’s also an easy place to post relevant announcements.  Join the group at www.linkedin.com/groups/National-Coalition-Dialogue-Deliberation-NCDD-990997.

Twitter ImageTwitter tags

NCDD can be found on Twitter at www.twitter.com/ncdd, so please follow us!  When you want people in the D&D community to see your tweets, we recommend adding the hashtags #ncdd and #demopart (short for democratic participation) at the end of your tweets.

YouTube playlists

NCDD’s director, Sandy Heierbacher, sorts the best D&D-related videos we know about on YouTube into a dozen public playlists (www.ncdd.org/playlists). The playlists feature D&D events, videos about D&D, how-to videos for facilitators, graphic recording videos, NCDD videos, and more. Let Sandy know about your YouTube video related to dialogue, deliberation, public engagement, or group process, and she’ll add it to the appropriate playlist(s).  The best way to contact her about videos is via direct message on Facebook rather than email (which gets buried too quickly).


We’re still experimenting with Pinterest, but you can follow Sandy’s boards at www.pinterest.com/heierbacher/ if you’d like — including several on public engagement and social media. Sandy created a joint pinboard titled “Latest in Public Engagement” that you are especially encouraged to follow and pin to! Email sandy@ncdd.org to request to be added to the joint pinboard. As of October 2013, the board has 550 followers and 32 pinners (contributors). We’d love to add more!

That should do it for now. 🙂  There are a few more social media tools we’ll add later (Slideshare and Storify, for example), and we haven’t even mentioned our face-to-face events and confab calls, but we’ll be sure to update this page periodically.