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Membership Form for Comped Organizations

Complete this form to join as an NCDD organizational member with waived dues.  Note that you should only use this form if you have an offer from NCDD staff to become an organizational member at no charge.  Org membership is usually $150/year, but we sometimes trade memberships with other networks.

NCDD is a community and coalition of innovators who are working to bring people of all stripes together to discuss, decide and act together on today’s toughest issues. We look forward to having your organization as a member!

  • First, verify that you indeed have an arrangement for comped organizational member dues. Who did you talk to, and what is the arrangement? Thanks!
  • Please keep your organization description to one paragraph (500 character limit).
  • Does the organization run a blog or Facebook page you'd like NCDD to know about? Enter the URLs here.
  • Contacts

  • Of the contact information provided above, is there anything you would prefer us not to make available to other NCDD members, such as phone, email or street address?
  • Organizational members can list up to three contacts, all of which are eligible for discounts at NCDD's and our partners' events. Please include name, title, and email address for each contact person.
  • If different from main 3 contacts for listing on the site (include their title and email)
  • NCDD Listservs

  • All contacts for our organizational members are added to the main NCDD Discussion listserv, unless you tell us to do otherwise. This active listserv provides you with a great way to quickly get advice, find facilitators and collaborators, and discuss issues and challenges we face in this work. Let us know if any of the contacts listed above should NOT be added to the listserv.
  • Check the box(es) if you'd like us to add you and other contacts for your organization to these email lists.
  • Can't make them out? Click the little blue "refresh" icon below until you can.