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Make the most of your NCDD membership

Joy Garman profile picThis page supplements the email every new member receives from Joy Garman (NCDD’s office manager) after they join. NCDD membership provides many great benefits — but you need to utilize them. Please pick-and-choose from the options and technologies that best suit you. Thank you again for joining NCDD!

1. Participate in the NCDD Discussion list

The best way to communicate quickly with almost all NCDD members is through our main listserv — the NCDD Discussion List. This active list (with 1,500 subscribers) is used for networking, information-sharing, and discussing challenges facing the D&D community.

The NCDD Discussion list is a source for advice, inspiration, support, and food-for-thought to many in the field.  People tend to be very generous with their expertise and know-how on the list, so it’s a great place to ask for practice-related advice.  Please look over the ground rules for this moderated list if you plan to be active on the list.

We recommend new members send a quick message of introduction to the list so NCDDers can learn a little about your work and interests.

2.  Participate in NCDD’s other listservs

Look over NCDD’s other listservs at www.ncdd.org/listservs and see if there are other lists you’d like to subscribe to — especially if you opted out of the main NCDD Discussion list.  None of these lists will burden your inbox too much, but give you easy ways to connect with others in specific regions, stay updated on job opportunities in the field, and more.

3.  Sign up for trainings and workshops offered by our partners

Look over the page at www.ncdd.org/discounts to see all of the great discounts we’ve negotiated for NCDD members.  These workshops and trainings are some of the best offered in our field, and many of the discounts save you hundreds of dollars. (To renew your lapsed membership, go to www.ncdd.org/renew.)

4.  Utilize the NCDD member map

Use our interactive member map at www.ncdd.org/map to find other members near you, to check your own member data and make sure it’s up-to-date, and to locate facilitators and potential collaborators in places you’re working. You might also use the map to find great new people to meet up with during your travels!

If you notice your details are out-of-date or can’t locate yourself at all, send an email to NCDD Office Manager Joy Garman (joy at ncdd dot org) and she’ll work with you to get your membership and member data updated. 

5.  Participate in NCDD’s social media groups and pages

Are you active on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?  Well, so is NCDD!  We’d love to see you there…

6.  Share your success stories on the Dialogue Storytelling Tool

D&D stories logoThe new Dialogue Storytelling Tool allows you to report on the basics of your dialogue and deliberation projects and events, so that NCDD can do the work of spreading the word.  We’ll share your story (i.e. mini case study) with our partners at the Kettering Foundation and at Participedia.net, and we may also feature it on the NCDD site. Kettering, Participedia, and NCDD are interested in what you’ve got going on, and may follow up with you to gather more info about your dialogue and deliberation projects.

Go to www.ncdd.org/storytelling-tool now to submit your first story!  Or check out some of the stories we’ve received.

7.  Post and comment on NCDD’s news blog

Since 2004, the NCDD news blog has kept thousands updated on news and opportunities in dialogue and deliberation.

Visit www.ncdd.org/news to stay updated on training opportunities, upcoming events, job and funding opportunities, and other news for the D&D community. You can use the search field, tags or sidebar navigation options to hone in. The blog is updated several times a week, so you’ll want to check back frequently. You can also sign up to receive new posts via email through Feedburner.

Participate by adding comments to any post or by authoring new posts via the Add-to-Blog form at www.ncdd.org/submit. Keep your submissions brief (3 or 4 paragraphs is best), easy to cut-and-paste (no PDFs or charts please), and include a link where people can find more details.

If you would like to do more, consider joining our team of NCDD bloggers and regularly posting announcements or thought pieces about areas that interest you. Email Managing Director Courtney Breese (courtney at ncdd dot org) if you’re interested in exploring this option.

8. Post to the NCDD Resource Center

The NCDD Resource Center is your gateway to over 3,100 resources on group process… dialogue guides, D&D methods, videos, case studies, evaluation tools, articles, books, programs, consultants and more.  Includes NCDD’s must-see beginner’s guide, D&D glossary and Resource Guide on Public Engagement.

Find it at www.ncdd.org/rc, or click on “resources” at the top of any page on the site. You can use the search bar, categories and tags, or additional sidebar navigation options to hone in. We especially recommend you use the “I’m Looking For…” sidebar box that lets you cross-search categories and tags. Use the site map to see a full list of all the categories and tags, or just look over the most recently added resources.  You can also subscribe to the Resource Center via Feedburner, and receive new posts in your inbox every few days.

You can add comments to existing resources, but we especially encourage you to participate by adding new resources via the form at www.ncdd.org/rc/add.

9.  Familiarize yourself with NCDD’s Beginner’s Guide

Whether you are new to dialogue and deliberation, want to expand your knowledge about different types of D&D, or you’re just new to the NCDD website, we strongly encourage you to explore the Beginner’s Guide at www.ncdd.org/rc/beginners-guide.

In this section, you’ll find links to the basics about D&D (jargon-free descriptions, steps for organizing a program, our glossary, our D&D quotes page). You’ll also find links to some gems in our Resource Center – like our Best-of-the-Best Resources page, our Resource Guide on Public Engagement, and our well-loved Engagement Streams Framework.

10. Have an idea for an NCDD event or podcast?

NCDD Members have the opportunity to be featured in NCDD’s Confab Calls, Tech Tuesdays, and on the NCDD Podcast. Have an idea for a topic for a Confab Call or a podcast episode? Have a tool or platform to feature on a Tech Tuesday? Email Courtney Breese, NCDD’s Managing Director (courtney at ncdd dot org) with your ideas! Be sure to check out our pages for Confab Calls, Tech Tuesdays, and Podcasts for inspiration!

11.  Keep an eye on the emails you receive from NCDD

As a member of NCDD, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on NCDD’s biennial conferences and other events, and various NCDD activities (like Confab Calls) that you can get involved in. You’ll get emails once a month from NCDD’s Managing Director, Courtney Breese (courtney at ncdd dot org) via the one-way member announcement list. This is the one email list that all NCDD members are required to subscribe to, as it’s our only means of connecting to all NCDD members — and only NCDD members — at once.

There are many other opportunities to get involved in NCDD, and the best way to keep up with new avenues for participation is to keep an eye on emails that come to you from NCDD and look over the latest posts on the NCDD blog. At times, most of the opportunities are related to NCDD conferences (which are held on the even years in the fall, and rely largely on volunteer organizers). Other times, you’ll see opportunities to participate in conference calls and webinars featuring leaders and innovators in our field, or in book clubs, surveys, crowdsourcing events and other programs that give you opportunities to engage with other members, share your knowledge, or learn from the many innovators in this great community.

We’re so glad to have you as a member of NCDD, and we hope you find your membership both enjoyable and valuable!

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