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Help keep NCDD going strong! Please make a contribution to NCDD during our 3-week summer fund drive, and help us continue to serve our extraordinary community of innovators.

NCDD 2011 Fund Drive Progress

Please note:  We ended our 2011 Summer Fund Drive 6 days ahead of schedule, having surpassed our $10,000 goal by over 20%!  It has been a humbling, heartening experience, seeing the support come in from across our community.  Thank you to all who contributed!

See the text below this message for our fund drive timeline and list of 2011’s generous contributors.

You can still send in contributions, but we’ll no longer be promoting the drive.

Our Fund Drive Message:

Since 2002, NCDD has served as a hub, a resource clearinghouse, and a facilitative leader for the dialogue and deliberation community. Together with our extraordinary members, we have been a catalyst for connection and progress across our field.

In a time of intense political divides and seemingly unsolvable global problems, bringing people together to discuss values, issues, and solutions in depth is more needed than ever. NCDD serves the community of innovators who convene and mobilize people across the globe. Learn more about NCDD’s accomplishments.

Now that we have submitted our 501(c)3 application and can seek contributions directly, we are running our first Fund Drive. We ask for your support during a challenging time for NCDD so we can continue our hard work and show potential new funders that we have the support of our ever-growing community.

See the letter from our Board of Directors for their detailed appeal to the NCDD community. And see the amazing testimonials our fund drive contributors have been submitting, if you need an extra nudge!

NCDD’s 3-week summer fund drive runs from July 20th to August 10th.  Contribute today!

Note from August 4th at midnight: We’ve ended the fund drive early!

So we officially ended the fund drive 6 days early, on Thursday night (August 4th) at midnight, having reached an astounding $12,350 — surpassing our goal by more than 20%.  It’s hard to express our gratitude at this amazing show of support.

And thank you to our after-the-close contributor as well!

  • $250 from Jacquelyn Pogue, Director, Conversation Cafe, Richmond Action Dialogues and VCU Dialogue Forum

August 3rd update: We’re almost there, and ahead of schedule!!

Yesterday’s Board Challenge far exceeded our expectations. It was our biggest day yet, with $1625 coming in from 20 generous contributors, plus our Board of Directors’ $1,000 matching contribution. We’re just a few hundred dollars from our $10,000 goal for the Summer Fund Drive, even though we weren’t planning on ending the fund drive for another week!

We have been absolutely humbled and affirmed by this show of support for NCDD’s work.  Check out the wonderful testimonials that have been coming in with the donations.

When we launched this fund drive — which is an NCDD first! — we worried about not making it to our $10,000 goal.  One of our long-time members and supporters, who wishes to remain anonymous, offered to contribute up to $1,000 at the very end of the drive to provide a final incentive for others to participate.  We’re launching this final matching gift right now, and we’ll end the fund drive Thursday night at midnight Eastern — 6 full days early!

So if you haven’t contributed yet, please help us end with a bang by surpassing our goal by 20% or maybe even more.  And thank you, so much, to all of those who have contributed so far!

Noon Update: Our latest donors, who are taking us over the top:

  • $100 from Courtney Breese, Program Coordinator, MA Office of Public Collaboration
  • $100 from Susan Schultz, Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution, Austin TX
  • $100 from Mary V. Gelinas, Director, Cascadia Center for Leadership and Gelinas James, Inc.
  • $25 from Patricia & Craig Neal, Heartland Inc.
  • $100 from Cathey Capers, Wellspring Resources Austin, Texas
  • $50 from Henry Williams
  • $25 from William Gellermann
  • $250 from Dr. Linda A. Welsh, Austin Community College District
  • $50 from an anonymous donor
  • $50 from Walt Fisher
  • $100 from Diane Miller, Civic Collaboration
  • $50 from an anonymous donor in Austin, TX
  • $100 from Ron Thomas, AICP, CED University of Georgia
  • $50 from Professor Steven N. Pyser, Temple University, Fox School of Business and Management
  • $100 from Wendy Green Lowe, P2 Solutions, Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • $25 from Kathryn Heierbacher
  • $100 from John Gastil, Head, Comm Arts & Sciences, Penn State University
  • $50 from an anonymous donor
  • $50 from an anonymous donor in California
  • $25 from Kara Dillard, Assistant Professor, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • $50 from Patricia C. Foley, Associate Professor, Gallaudet University
  • $25 from Katie Howard
  • $50 from an anonymous donor
  • $25 from Elise Selinger, Steering Committee Member, The Citizens’ Toolbox
  • $25 from an anonymous donor

Today Only — $1000 Challenge from the NCDD Board

Photo of Marla CrockettAugust 2nd update:  We’ve got about $3,000 to go before we reach our $10,000 goal for the Summer Fund Drive.  NCDD Board members are combining forces for a 24-hour Board Challenge.  They’ll match your contributions dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000 today only.  See Board President Marla Crockett’s message about this challenge at www.ncdd.org/5641, and stay posted for Barbara Simonetti’s message later today.  NCDD needs your help to continue doing this important work, so please contribute today if you can!

Board Challenge update… Fund drive contributions total $9,675

We made it!  Not only did we make it but we had our best day yet ($1625 today plus the Board’s $1000), bringing us really close to our goal with a whole week of fund drive left.  A special thank you goes out to everyone who participated in this challenge, and to our amazing Board who made it possible!

  • $50 from Deborah Goldblatt, Director, World Café Services, World Café Community Foundation
  • $250 from Rosa Zubizarreta
  • $100 from Dr. James Snow
  • $100 from an anonymous contributor in San Francisco, CA
  • $25 from Josephine Cooper
  • $25 from an anonymous contributor in Portland, OR
  • $50 from Dr. Patricia A. Wilson, Professor, University of Texas, Austin
  • $50 from Stephen Buckley, Collaboration Systems Engineer, OpenGovMetrics.com
  • $25 from an anonymous contributor in North Carolina
  • $50 from Jennifer Wilding, director, KC Consensus
  • $100 from Stan Deetz, Director of the Center for the Study of Conflict, Collaboration and Creative Governance
  • $50 from Dr. John W. Cavanaugh, Ph.D., President & CEO, Cross Cultural Communications, LLC
  • $100 by Virginia Dorgan for the Network for Peace through Dialogue
  • $40 from Susanna Haas Lyons, Public Engagement Specialist
  • $50 from Jim and Jean Rough
  • $250 from Patricia Perry, PsyD, Professional Associate, Gestalt International Study Center
  • $100 from Dr. Roger Bernier, The Epidemiology Monitor
  • $50 from Carrie L Stewart, MCIS, Owner/Principal, One World Consulting
  • $60 from Pete Shively, Fellow of the Interactivity Foundation
  • $100 from Carol W Scott, Senior Associate, Everyday Democracy

August 1 end-of-day update… Fund drive contributions total $7,050

  • $500 from Michael J. Shannon, President, Northern New Jersey Community Foundation
  • $100 from Daniel Clark, Program Director, AmericaSpeaks
  • $100 from Sue Woehrlin, core faculty, Antioch University Seattle
  • $250 from Patrick L. Scully, President of Clearview Consulting LLC, Director of the Campaign for Stronger Democracy and Senior Editor and Project Manager of Participedia.net
  • $100 from Bill Potapchuk, President , Community Building Institute
  • $100 from Beth Offenbacker, PublicDecisions
  • $100 from Sandra Janoff and Marv Weisbord, Future Search Network
  • $50 from Tom Moran, Austin, TX
  • $150 from Susan Stuart Clark, Director, Common Knowledge Group
  • $50 from Vicki Totten, Austin, TX
  • $100 from Bill Hall, Alaska Common Ground
  • $50 from Martin Carcasson, Director, CSU Center for Public Deliberation
  • $62.33 from Susan Loucks, Greater Boston Employment Collaborative
  • $75 from Susan Clark of Middlesex, Vermont

Special Opportunity for next 24 hours only:  Extra $500 from John Spady if others can match it

July 25th update:  John Spady has contributed $500 to the fund drive — bringing our total so far up to $3635 — and is ready to donate another $500 if other donations can match that amount by noon EST tomorrow (July 26th).  So now’s the time to donate, even if you can only give $25 or $10.  Every bit is greatly appreciated and is, in effect, doubled until Tuesday at noon!

John Spady has been doing innovative work in King County (Seattle area) for years now.  One of his recent projects is the Countywide Community Forums — a dialogue program run through the King County Auditor’s Office that enables hundreds of residents to come together regularly to consider timely public problems and share recommendations and data with local government officials. We have a great write-up about John’s work up at www.ncdd.org/2401.

7:30 pm update:  We’ve made it to the $500 matching challenge, twice over and then some ($1125 today plus John Spady’s $1000, bringing our total to $5260)!  I am absolutely floored and humbled. The following nine people donated today:

  • $50 from Jerry Michalski, big fan of NCDD
  • $50 from Phil Neisser, Professor, SUNY Potsdam
  • $50 from Dick LaFever, President – Crossroads Leadership Institute/Anchorage, Alaska
  • $25 from Dr. William Gellermann
  • $250 from Caroline Lee. In honor of Sandy’s work developing the organization, and everything NCDD does to encourage dialogue among practitioners and scholars.
  • $100 from Ilene Wasserman, President, ICW Consulting Group
  • $50 from Dr. Bill Keith, Chair, Department of Communication, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • $50 from Delia Horwitz, Collaboration Coach and Co-Author of COLLABORATION SOUP (her second donation during the fund drive!)
  • $500 from Deb Ganderton, Executive Manager Communications and Engagement, City of Boroondara (Victoria, Australia)

Thank You to our latest donors, who have brought our total to $3135 in just 5 days!

  • $100 from Cherry Muse, President of the Public Conversations Project
  • $50 from Diane Miller, Civic Collaboration
  • $50 from Jennifer Mair, Public Dialogue Consortium; Communication Studies Instructor, Skyline College & San Francisco State University
  • $25 from Rod Reyna
  • $100 from Sandor Schuman, editor of The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation
  • $100 from Les Ihara, Jr., Hawaii State Senator
  • $10 from “Dialogymous” 🙂
  • $100 from Maggie Herzig, Senior Associate, Public Conversations Project
  • $50 from Peg Carlson-Bowen, NCDD Supporting Member

Thank You to our Day 2 donors, who brought our total to $2550 in just 2 days!

  • $500 from Peggy Holman, author of Engaging Emergence and co-author of The Change Handbook
  • $25 from Amanda Crowell Itliong – Dialogue Facilitator and NCDD fan!
  • $50 from Lucas Cioffi, OnlineTownhalls Inc.
  • $100 from Sarah Barton, Exec VP, RISE Alaska
  • $100 from Anonymous, Durham, NC
  • $250 from Pete Peterson, Davenport Institute for Public Engagement at Pepperdine’s School of Public Policy
  • $25 from Joan Pritcher
  • $50 from Geoff Ball, Principal, SmartGroups®
  • $50 from Delia Horwitz, Co-Author, COLLABORATION SOUP
  • $50 from Amy Lenzo, weDialogue

A huge Thank You to Day 1 donors, who contributed $1350!

  • $200 from an anonymous donor
  • $100 from John Backman, The Dialogue Venture
  • $250 from Craig & Carole Paterson, California NIF Network
  • $100 from an anonymous donor
  • $100 from Juli Fellows
  • $50 from Tobin Quereau
  • $100 from Tom Atlee, founder and research director, Co-Intelligence Institute
  • $250 from Intellitics, Inc.
  • $25 from Mary Jacksteit, Public Conversations Project
  • $25 from an anonymous donor
  • $100 from Dave Joseph, Vice President for Program, Public Conversations Project
  • $50 from Julianna Padgett, Assistant Dean, Tulane School of Social Work

And please help spread the word…

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