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Thank you for participating in the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation’s Summer Fund Drive!

Your support is greatly appreciated and sorely needed during these tough economic times.

More Information About the Donation Process…

If you haven’t already sent payment, you can submit your contribution by mailing a check or using the button below to make a credit card payment through PayPal.  Here’s how…

Making a Contribution/Payment by Check

Mail your check, made out to “NCDD,” to the following address:

  • NCDD
  • P.O. Box 150
  • Boiling Springs, PA 17007

The phone number, in case you use UPS or FedEx, is 717-243-5144.

Making a Contribution/Payment with Credit Card via PayPal

If you prefer to use a credit card, please click on the button below and then enter the amount of your contribution. We especially encourage those from outside the U.S. to pay via PayPal so we can all avoid extra check charges. If you need a printed receipt, you will find a record of your transaction under “My Account” at PayPal. You can also request a receipt from Joy Garman, NCDD’s office manager.

If you encounter problems with this button, you can always visit the PayPal website (www.paypal.com) to make your payment. Either log in or click on “Sign Up” if you don’t already have a PayPal account. After you are signed in, click on “Send Money.” Type payment@ncdd.org into the box that asks for the recipient’s email and follow instructions.

Need an invoice to process payment?

Send an email to NCDD’s Office Manager, Joy Garman (joy@ncdd.org), letting her know that you need an invoice for your contribution or payment.

Are Contributions to NCDD Tax Deductible?

Yes – NCDD is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, and contributions are tax deductible.

The National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, Inc.’s federal EIN number is 26-3350675, if you need that for your records.  You can download our exempt letter here.  Contact NCDD office manager Joy Garman at joy@ncdd.org if you need a receipt for your tax records.


If you have any questions about this process, or have problems sending your payment, please do not hesitate to contact NCDD’s Director, Sandy Heierbacher (sandy@ncdd.org) or NCDD’s Office Manager, Joy Garman (joy@ncdd.org), who will be happy to help you figure things out.