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2017 End-of-Year Fund Drive

Help keep NCDD going strong! Please make a contribution to NCDD during our end of the year fund drive, and help us continue to serve our extraordinary community of innovators.

Please note:  Our End-of-Year Fund Drive has come to a close with the start of the New Year.  We raised $8,501 during the drive. Thank you to all who contributed!

See the text below this message for our fund drive timeline and list of 2017’s generous contributors.

You can still send in contributions, but we’ll no longer be promoting the drive.

Our Fund Drive Message:

Since 2002, NCDD has served as a hub, a resource clearinghouse, and a facilitative leader for the dialogue and deliberation community. Together with our extraordinary members, we have been a catalyst for connection and progress across our field.

In a time of intense political divides and seemingly unsolvable global problems, bringing people together to discuss values, issues, and solutions in depth is more needed than ever. NCDD serves the community of innovators who convene and mobilize people across the globe to bridge divides and make decisions together. Learn more about NCDD’s accomplishments.

We are asking you to contribute to the organization’s end of year fund drive. Our goal is $15,000. As always, your donations and membership dues are tax deductible.

See the amazing testimonials from our wonderful contributors, if you need an extra nudge!

NCDD’s end-of-year fund drive runs through December 31st.  Contribute today or join/renew your membership!

January 1st Update: Thank you for stepping up to the matching challenge

NCDD is very happy to announce that our network met the second match challenge, bringing in $2,240 on top of the $1,500 match. That brings our grand total to $8,501! Thank you to all who donated during this challenge:

  • $50 from Kara Dillard, University of Washington Dept of Sociology
  • $200 from Betty Knighton, West Virginia Center for Civic Life
  • $100 from Nan Starr, Nan Starr Mediation
  • $50 from John Lande
  • $300 from Michael Shannon, Northern NJ Community Foundation
  • $50 from Pierre Goirand
  • $100 from Michael Elliott, School of City and Regional Planning, Georgia Tech
  • $50 from Linda Urban
  • $20 from Kirsten D’Aurelio
  • $25 from Claire Halverson
  • $100 from Daniel Kemmis, Kettering Foundation
  • $50 from Bill Berkowitz, University of Massachusetts Lowell

And to those who renewed their membership:

  • Michael Freedman, Practical Academics
  • Judith Gordon, Judy Gordon Mediation Services
  • Tree Bressen
  • Judy Chambers
  • Will Ferguson, USAtalk.org
  • Heidi Kolbe, The Kolbe Company/Sacramento Professional Facilitators
  • Richard Burg, Simple Idea
  • Rachel Eryn Kalish, Workplace Connections
  • Cassandra J. Hemphill, IAP2 Federation
  • Linda Urban
  • MaryElizabeth Merritt, Four Winds
  • Elizabeth Tener, New Directions Collaborative
  • Betty Knighton, West Virginia Center for Civic Life
  • Lonnie Weiss, Weiss Consulting LLC

December 19th Update: A Second Matching Challenge Opportunity!

NCDD is thrilled to announce a second opportunity for your contributions to be matched dollar-for-dollar. Board Chair Martin Carcasson and an anonymous donor have gracious stepped up to match donations through the end of the year, up to $1,500. Be sure to join or renew your membership in NCDD, or make a donation before December 31st! All contributions are tax-deductible.

December 18th Update: Additional thanks to our contributors!

Your response to the NCDD Fund Drive continues, as we’ve reached $4,761 – thank you to those who have donated to NCDD:

  • $100 from Robert Corman, Applied Concepts Group
  • $100 from Ted Celeste, National Institute for Civil Discourse – Next Generation
  • $100 from Martha Cox, San Diego Deliberation Network
  • $100 from Barbara Simonetti, Meetings That Matter
  • $10 from John Stephens, UNC-Chapel Hill, School of Government

And to those who have renewed their membership:

  • Joseph McIntyre, 10Circles
  • Linda Mather, Beacon Consulting Associates
  • Janet Hoffmann, Georgia College & State University
  • William Ploog
  • Randolph Hill
  • Linda Ellinor, Action Dialogue Group
  • Lewis Michaelson, Participation by Design
  • Ken Homer, Collaborative Conversations
  • Jim Hight, Alateen
  • Lori Britt, Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue at JMU

December 8th Update: Thanks to all who have donated – we met the challenge!

We are thrilled to announce that our $1000 match challenge was met! To date, we have raised a total of $3496 for NCDD.

We still have a little ways to go in reaching our goal of $15,000, but it has been so heartening to see this support for NCDD, especially during the holiday season! It means so much to Sandy, Joy, Keiva and I to witness such support, both in donations and membership renewals the past two weeks!

Our thanks to all who have donated so far:

  • $100 from Ben Roberts, The Conversation Collaborative
  • $50 from Pat Scully, Clearview Consulting LLC
  • $50 from Caroline Lee, Lafayette College
  • $45 from Lisa Beutler, Stantec
  • $100 from Peggy Holman, Journalism That Matters
  • $100 from Cobie deLespinasse
  • $1000 from Simone Talma Flowers, Interfaith Action of Central Texas (our matching donor!)
  • $30 from Roshan Bliss, Together Colorado
  • $100 from Diane Miller, Civic Collaboration
  • $25 fron Julia Retta
  • $50 from Mary Gelinas, Gelinas James Inc.
  • $50 from Joanne Hessmiller, University of North Carolina
  • $25 from Denise Vanden Bos, Humboldt State
  • $36 fron Irene Friedland
  • $50 from Jeff Prudhomme, Interactivity Foundation
  • $30 from Ivan Ivanek, Wedialog.net
  • $50 from Thomas Murray, Open Way Solutions
  • $15 from Patrick Mucerino
  • $50 from Sue Herbers, Conversations for Possibilities
  • $100 from Carol Scott, Everyday Democracy
  • $25 from Tim Bonnemann, Intellitics, Inc.
  • $100 from Les Ihara, Hawaii State Senate/Kettering Foundation
  • $75 from Stephanie Nestlerode
  • $50 from Arlot Hall, Clarity Facilitation & Let’s Talk Alaska
  • $25 from Joseph McIntyre, 10Circles
  • $100 from Lisa Blomgren Amsler, Indiana University School of Public & Environmental Affairs
  • $10 from Myles Alexander, University of Wisconsin Extension – Oneida County

And thanks to those who have renewed their NCDD membership:

  • Daniel Kaufman, Developmental Consulting
  • Brian Dowling, New Community Paradigms
  • Gail Stone, King County Executive’s Office
  • Tim Steffensmeier, Kansas State University
  • Allan Steiner, Conversation Lab
  • Virginia Swain, Institute for Global Leadership
  • Carol Chetkovich
  • Josina Makau, CSU Monterey Bay
  • Jeff Hasenfratz, Mindsight Executive Development Services
  • Laura Shapiro, Beyond Red vs Blue
  • Center for Public Deliberation, Colorado State University
  • Siobhan Beaver
  • Peter Guttchen
  • Susan McCormack, Everyday Democracy/Creating Community Solutions
  • Sue Peterson, CSU Chico

Update December 6th: 48 Hour Matching Challenge – Double Your Donation!

NCDD Board Member Simone Talma Flowers has committed to donating $1,000 if donations match that amount over the next 48 hours (by noon EST Friday).  So now’s the time to donate! Any amount will help us get to this goal of raising $1,000 to match Simone’s donation, whether it’s $10 or $100.

Note from November 27th: Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday is a day created to celebrate and support giving and philanthropy. Please include NCDD in your Giving Tuesday contributions! Please check out the NCDD Facebook Page tomorrow and click our fundraiser link to donate!  If you are not a Facebook user, you can use our Donation Page to make your Giving Tuesday contribution!

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