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Central Texas NCDD Workshop Event Organizers

The presenting sponsors for the October 2010 workshop in Austin, From Chaos to Collaboration: Raising the Bar in Public Engagement, are the National Coalition on Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) and St. Edward’s University, New College. The event was organized by an extraordinary group of engagement practitioners in the Central Texas NCDD Network.

Planning Team members are:

Diane Miller, Assistant Director at Envision Central Texas, is leading the planning effort for this event. Diane has extensive experience in dialogue, multi-stakeholder collaboration, community engagement and civic change efforts.

Vicki Totten is an Associate Professor of Counseling and Coordinator of the undergraduate Human Services major in New College at St. Edward’s University, which is co-sponsor of the event.

Juli Fellows, Ph.D. is an independent organizational consultant who specializes in strategic planning and conflict resolution.

Steven Fearing designs and facilitates meetings of ongoing workgroups and multiple stakeholder groups for the Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities Services. Steven managed the “Challenge” process design for the 2008 NCDD National Conference in Austin.

Stephanie Nestlerode envisions civic, business and public sectors working together to make wise choices for a shared future. A strategic planner for over thirty years, she specializes in bringing clarity, coherence and energy to plans, programs, policies and practices by learning from stakeholders throughout a system.

Larry Schooler oversees community engagement, public input, and conflict resolution projects for the City of Austin, working in conjunction with the Mayor and City Council.

Taylor Willingham is a public engagement and community change management consultant and founder of Texas Forums, a network of individuals and organizations that use dialogue and deliberation to help people address challenging issues and find new ways to work on those issues together.

Dr. Patricia Wilson teaches international development, public participation, and conflict resolution skills at the University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture.

Susan Schultz is Program Director at the Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution at the University of Texas at Austin. Susan is a trained mediator and facilitator and also conducts training on collaboration and consensus-building processes.

Dr. Betty Gilmore is a licensed clinical psychologist and is Training Program Director at the Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution at the University of Texas at Austin.

Rod Reyna has years of experience leading, speaking, and moderating interactive workshops, seminars, retreats, work groups, forums, and conferences on neighborhood/community issues, community building/civic action, leadership development, public safety, and youth/young adult/family/marriage ministry.

Our Host…

St. Edward's University

St. Edward’s University is a private, liberal arts university founded by the Brothers of Holy Cross. Its mission is focused on encouraging individuals to confront the critical issues of society and to seek justice and peace. New College is the part of the university that educates working adults.