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6th National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation

We had an amazing time together at the 2014 NCDD conference in Reston, VA this October! Thank you to the 415 innovators who attended.

Whether you were able to join us or not, check out the wonderful 4-minute highlight video created by Keith Harrington of Shoestring Video!

Here is a growing list of things you can do to revisit, peek into, or follow up on the conference…

Our theme for this year’s conference, Democracy for the Next Generation, challenged us to build on all the innovative practices and tools that have been invigorating the dialogue and deliberation community in recent years. Now more than ever, we have both the opportunity and, increasingly, the imperative to bring this work to a much larger stage in order to build a stronger democracy that is able to address society’s most pressing challenges.

Lots of Great Activities

Spending three days with some of the most amazing people in our field as we explore how we can shape the future of this important movement… there’s really nothing like it. We used many creative ways to highlight the best of what’s happening in public engagement, community problem-solving, and arts-based dialogue.

We were thrilled to feature plenary speakers David Mathews, President of the Kettering Foundation, and Grande Lum, Director of the Department of Justice’s Community Relations Service. There was also our popular D&D Showcase, 40+ amazing sessions, a collaborative field mapping activity, some exciting field trips, and the opportunity to network with hundreds of innovators in this important field.  Other popular activities included our panel on Gamification, Game Design, and the Future of Engagement, featuring Josh Lerner of the Participatory Budgeting Project, Amy Lee of the Kettering Foundation and our moderator Gene Koo of iCivics and Good Games Group.

An Amazing, Supportive Community

Austin2008-NiceToMeetYouThe 2014 conference offered a unique opportunity to explore your challenges and successes with an amazing group of peers, increase your visibility and effectiveness, and build lasting relationships. Because of the many participants and contributors — from our amazing sponsors to our energetic planning team to all the artists, innovators and practitioners involved — participants left feeling more motivated, supported and prepared to do this vital work.

A Legacy of Engaging Events

Our biennial national conferences are major learning and networking events for our field. Building on a 12-year legacy of popular, well-loved events, NCDD 2014 was our 6th National Conference and just the latest of many events, programs and gatherings that NCDD has hosted or supported since we formed in 2002.

Our sponsors and partners for the 2014 NCDD national conference…

We hope to see you at our next national conference in 2016!

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