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NCDD 2014 Short Talks


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From 1:00 to 2:00 pm, we’ll have nine rooms set aside for two back-to-back “short talks” sessions that will be repeated, so you can choose two of the nine short talks. Our presenters will give snappy 10- to 15-minute talks, facilitate some Q&A, and then repeat the talk and Q&A with a new group after a 20-minute break during which attendees can move to another room. Our short talks presenters are leading innovators and thought leaders in the field.

A Hitchhikers Guide to Democracy: Lessons for Strengthening Public Engagement

This session will describe and jointly discuss lessons learned in the course of carrying out a multi-year, multi-project CDC public engagement initiative designed to better inform governmental policy decisions.

Roger Bernier
Adjunct Professor and Director, University of Georgia and The Epidemiology Monitor

Caitlin Wills-Toker
Speechwriter, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Dialogue: The India Experience

I will share my experiences in adapting the World Cafe method to the Indian context, in connecting with democratic values and exploring our responsibilities as citizens.

Vinita Singh
Managing Trustee, We The People

Engaging State Legislators in Dialogue & Deliberation

If you’ve engaged with state legislators, or want to interact with them, come and share your experiences and interests. You’ll also learn about a project, sponsored by the National Conference of State Legislatures and the Kettering Foundation, to support state legislators interested in engaging citizens and stakeholders in deliberation and collaboration activities involving public policy.

Les Ihara, Jr.
State Senator, Hawaii State Senate and Trustee, The Kettering Foundation

Angela Andrews
Senior Policy Specialist, National Conference of State Legislatures

Desperately Seeking a Family Doctor: Involving Citizens and Stakeholders in Health Care System Design

How we engaged a city and its doctors in a meaningful conversation – online and in person – about how to find 1 in every 6 citizens a family doctor.

Amanda Gibbs
Principal, Public Assembly

Kyle Pearce
Principal, Think Act

The Anti-Crossfire: 90-Second Stories About What IF

Come to hear stories about thoughtful public policy discussions that the Interactivity Foundation has conducted in-person and online over the last decade in different states and countries and get free discussion facilitation materials.

Ieva Notturno
Fellow, Interactivity Foundation

Natalie Hopkinson
Fellow, Interactivity Foundation

Partnering with Journalists: Pitfalls and Possibilities

What does it take to get journalists to cover your community engagement projects, or even become partners in them?

Peggy Holman
Executive Director and Co-Founder, Journalism That Matters

Marla Crockett
Public Engagement Consultant & Board Member, NCDD

The National Dialogue Network: Enhancing Local Efforts with Broader Collaboration

In 2013, the NCDD community voted to support this collaborative infrastructure for fostering national dialogues. The presenters will illustrate how the National Dialogue Network can be used to magnify locally developed content and increase participation.  Experience an example of gamification with associated Credly.com “badge” claim code: NCDD2014-NDN.

John Spady
Founder, National Dialogue Network

Galen Radtke
Social Entrepreneur and Project Support, The Athena Group

Refining and Expanding Deliberation through the Citizens’ Initiative Review in Oregon, Colorado, and Arizona

Learn about the impact and gradual expansion of the Oregon Citizens’ Initiative Review, a rare instance of institutionalized deliberation that was passed into law by the Oregon State Legislature in 2009 and expanded to Colorado and Arizona in 2014.

John Gastil
Professor, Communication Arts and Sciences and Political Science, and Director, McCourtney Institute for Democracy at the Pennsylvania State University

Katherine R. Knobloch
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies, and Associate Director, Center for Public Deliberation at the Colorado State University

Tyrone Reitman
Excutive Director, Healthy Democracy

Revitalizing Democracy: Two Challenges our Field Must Come to Grips With 

Over the last 25 years, time and again the field has demonstrated the efficacy and impact of deliberative democracy and yet it is still not embedded or embraced as a way of doing the public’s business. We’ll explore two design challenges that could make a difference in the reach of our work: building deliberative infrastructure project by project and how to simultaneously deal with the local and national perspectives.

Carolyn Lukensmeyer
Executive Director, National Institute for Civil Discourse, University of Arizona

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