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7th National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation

NCDD2016 · Boston Metro Area

Bridging Our Divides

The 2016 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation took place in the Boston metro area this past October 14-16 at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center.

Our theme for the 2016 conference was Bridging Our Divides. NCDD 2016 took place a month before the U.S. Presidential election, and in light of the extreme rhetoric and partisan rancor in this election cycle, we wanted to lift up our attendees’ stories about healing the partisan divide and about creating and implementing strategies that will help us move forward together in addressing our shared problems.

The latest…

If you haven’t attended an NCDD conference yet, watch our highlight video by Keith Harrington of Shoestring Videos to get a sense of the energy and content of the 2014 conference…

More on the Theme: Bridging Our Divides

This year’s conference took place a month before the U.S. Presidential election, and this election cycle has seen unprecedented levels of divisive rhetoric, incivility, and bitter partisan schisms among average people. But that’s not the whole story. At NCDD 2016, we wanted to lift up our stories about healing the partisan divide and focus on how regular people are creating and implementing strategies that are creating paths that move us forward together in addressing our nation’s and society’s biggest issues.

But the divide between left and right politics is not the only divide that we as a field need to help our country address – the Bridging Our Divides theme was an invitation for us to address the most persistent of our gaps in our society. We wanted this conference to lift up stories and strategies about people working together across our race divides, our religious divides, our economic divides, our divisions around gender, orientation, and expression, our generational divides, our divides between government officials and everyday citizens, and others

Now more than ever, we have both the opportunity and, increasingly, the imperative to bring this work to a much larger stage in order to build a stronger democracy that is able to address society’s most pressing challenges. NCDD 2016 was an opportunity to gather with over 400 leaders of our field to share strategies and form collaborations that will help us all be better equipped to do the vital work of healing our divided communities for a brighter future.

Why do people make a point of attending NCDD conferences?

Spending three days with hundreds of the most amazing people in our field as we explore how we can shape the future of this important movement… there’s really nothing like it. We use many creative ways to highlight the best of what’s happening in public engagement, community problem-solving, and arts-based dialogue.

Check out this great stuff from the last NCDD national conference to get a better sense of our past events (though we always try new things and feature new innovations!):

A Legacy of Engaging Events

Austin2008-NiceToMeetYouOur conferences offer a unique opportunity to explore your challenges and successes with an amazing group of peers, increase your visibility and effectiveness, and build lasting relationships. Because of the many participants and contributors — from our amazing sponsors to our energetic planning team to all the artists, innovators and practitioners involved — participants leave feeling more motivated, supported and prepared to do this vital work.