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Past NCDD Conferences

The National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation was launched in 2002 at our first national conference — a collaborative effort of over 60 organizations.  Since then, NCDD has held biennial national events or multiple regional events (as in 2010).  Learn about all of our events below.

Our National Events on Dialogue & Deliberation

The first National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation was held in the Washington DC area in October 2002, and we held biennial national conferences in 2004 (Denver), 2006 (San Francisco), 2008 (Austin) and 2012 (Seattle), with our 2010 event spread across five cities over four weeks.

NCDD conferences are chock-full of opportunities to network with colleagues, experience innovative group methods, explore key issues together, and hear from leaders in the field. Our conferences are not your typical panel/keynote-riddled conventions that leave you wandering the lobby. Some people have even told us they’ve never attended better conferences.

NCDD 2012:  Seattle, Washington

400 attendees came together in October 2012 to celebrate our 10th anniversary as a coalition and explore strengthening communities’ capacity to work together toward shared goals, and identify key challenges and opportunities for building civic infrastructure. Read the Seattle Conference Guidebook.  Visit the NCDD 2012 page.

NCDD 2010:  Regional Events

NCDD held five successful regional events in Denver (October 22), the San Francisco Bay Area (October 29), Boston (October 29), Austin (November 5) and Portland (November 13) rather than holding a national conference in the Fall of 2010.  Over 700 people attended these affordable, member-led regional events!  Learn about the events here.

NCDD 2008:  Austin, Texas

450 attendees came together in October 2008 to tackle 5 of our field’s toughest challenges. Check out our report to the Kettering Foundation based on NCDD Austin proceedings and attendee interviews (includes a lot of great photos and graphic recordings from the event). Go to NCDD 2008 page.

NCDD 2006:  San Francisco, California

The third NCDD conference brought together 375 people in downtown San Francisco in August 2006. Download the 2006 conference guidebook for details on the plenaries, workshops, presenters, planning team members, sponsors, and featured arts. Go to NCDD 2006 page.

NCDD 2004:  Denver, Colorado

Our second NCDD conference took place at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. Over 300 people came together for NCDD Denver in in October 2004. See the 2004 Conference Report for details on what transpired and what was accomplished. Go to NCDD 2004 page.

NCDD 2002:  Washington, DC

The first ever National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation took place in Alexandria, Virginia (just south of DC) in October 2002. The 28-page 2002 Conference Report includes a letter from conference director Sandy Heierbacher outlining what worked and what could be improved, as well as details on the planning team, workshops, plenary sessions, and descriptions of the 12 “next-steps groups” that formed at the conference. You can also look over the initial results of the online needs assessment we conducted to find out what people might want out of a national conference on D&D. Go to NCDD 2002 page.