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Host a “Tech Tuesday” event!

Tech Tuesday is a learning event series from NCDD focused on technology for engagement. Many in our field are curious about how they can use online tools to support their engagement work, and many tool creators are excited to talk to this community about their innovations.


These 1-hour events are designed to help dialogue and deliberation practitioners get a better sense of the online engagement landscape and how they can wisely navigate (and advise others on) the myriad opportunities available to them.

NCDD launched the series in July 2013, with a Tech Tuesday on the instant discussion and collaboration tool WeJIT. We also featured Zilino and MetroQuest in 2013, with more than 100 people participating in December’s Tech Tuesday on MetroQuest.

If you are interested in collaborating with NCDD on a Tech Tuesday event, email NCDD’s director Sandy Heierbacher (sandy at ncdd dot org) about your idea. Keep in mind the following:

  • Our agreement with Tech Tuesday presenters has been that they use their preferred technology to run the event, since NCDD does not have a system for webinars (we prefer conference calls enhanced by a collaborative workspace).
  • If you don’t have an account with GoToWebinar or a similar platform, let Sandy know. We now have a member who is willing to host webinars for Tech Tuesday presenters for a small fee.
  • Tech Tuesday presenters manage the webinar set-up and registration process, and run the event. NCDD’s role is to publicize the event widely and persistently to our community, to encourage as large-a turnout as possible. (Note that the publicity is valuable in and of itself, as more people will hear about and look into your tool, even if they can’t attend the event.)
  • The presenters have total control over the content of the webinar, though Sandy is happy to talk through your plan with you and make suggestions based on what we think our members will want to know about.
  • Webinar tools that allow participants to chat with each other, to chime in when appropriate, or at least to pose questions for the presenter, are preferred to strict one-to-many tools.
  • Participants should be able to see your tool and, if possible, try it out.
  • Case examples are extremely helpful.
  • Content that focuses not only on your specific tool, but on guidance, tips, and strategies for engaging people successfully using technology is strongly recommended.
  • It’s best if we can start announcing the event at least 3 weeks in advance.

Also consider if the NCDD community could use your tool for a mini-engagement project of our own.  For instance, before the first Tech Tuesday we created a WeJIT to collect NCDD members’ ideas for future Tech Tuesday events.

Let us know soon if you’re interested in hosting a Tech Tuesday! After you talk to Sandy, we’ll need you to send us some text we can use for the announcement (plus a photo and/or logo), and a link to registration. A good example of a Tech Tuesday announcement can be found at www.ncdd.org/13559.