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Tech Tuesdays

Tech_Tuesday_BadgeTech Tuesdays are a series of learning events from NCDD focused on technology for engagement. These 1-hour events are designed to help dialogue and deliberation practitioners get a better sense of the online engagement landscape and how they can take advantage of the myriad opportunities available to them.

Many in our field are curious about how they can use online tools to support their engagement work, and many tool creators are excited to talk to this community about their innovations. Our Tech Tuesdays bridge the needs of engagement practitioners with those of tech innovators by organizing free learning events that increase awareness of the latest innovations in online engagement.

You do not have to be a member of NCDD to participate in our FREE Tech Tuesday learning events.

Previous Tech Tuesdays:

Below is a list of Tech Tuesday archives, including links to recaps of these events.

NCDD Members can also access the archived video recordings of these calls at the Tech Tuesday Archives Page (password required – email joy@ncdd.org if you have forgotten your member password!).

September 2020 – We hosted our first Online Engagement Showcase featuring ten tools and platforms for engagement – www.ncdd.org/31679

April 2020 – EnCiv – archive at www.ncdd.org/31140

April 2019 – Ethelo – archive at www.ncdd.org/29639.

October 2018 – Konveio – archive at www.ncdd.org/28323.

May 2018 – Mismatch – archive at www.ncdd.org/26702.

March 2018 – Synaccord – archive at www.ncdd.org/26059

February 2018 – Citizens Foundation – archive at www.ncdd.org/25627

November 2017 – Gell – archive at www.ncdd.org/24813

June 2016 – Trusted Sharing – archive at www.ncdd.org/20867

May 2016 – Urban Interactive Studio – archive at www.ncdd.org/20611

February 2016 – Balancing Act – archive at www.ncdd.org/19881

December 2015 – Common Ground for Action – archive at www.ncdd.org/19493

September 2015 – QiqoChat – archive at www.ncdd.org/19055

June 2015 – Bang the Table – archive at www.ncdd.org/18367

May 2015 – Consider.it – archive at www.ncdd.org/18191

April 2015 – Loomio– archive at www.ncdd.org/18025

August 2014 – Local Governments & Online Engagement– archive at www.ncdd.org/16331

June 2014 – MaestroConference – archive at www.ncdd.org/15861

May 2014 – EtheloDecisions – archive at www.ncdd.org/15430

April 2014 – PlaceSpeak – archive at www.ncdd.org/15144

December 2013 – MetroQuest – archive at www.ncdd.org/13725

September 2013 – Zilino – archive at www.ncdd.org/12527

July 2013 – WeJIT– archive at www.ncdd.org/11921

Keep an eye on the Events section of the site (ncdd.org/events) for upcoming Tech Tuesdays, Confab Calls and other events.

Have an idea for a Tech Tuesday event? Email NCDD’s managing director, Courtney Breese, with details. We’re very open to new ideas! We’re currently using Join.me for Tech Tuesdays so we can have screensharing as well as chat. If you have your own preferred platform and can run the program from your end, even better!