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Artwork & Logos

The following logos are all in PNG format and can be downloaded by right clicking on them, or, if supported by you computer, you can drag the artwork onto your desktop.

Note: The urls to these logos are subject to change. Please do not link directly to any of these images.

Basic Logo w/ Gradient

The following web logos are the first from our new “sticker” design and may be used for any online announcements, acknowledgements or blog posts. This is our “preferred” off-site logo and you are encouraged to use it on your site. The larger of the two, although currently saved at 72dpi, may be resampled to use in print, as long as it is resized (small) accordingly. It is also available in other sizes and formats upon request. Please see note at the bottom of this page.

200px x 117px 204kb

500px x 293px 237kb (print or web use)

Small Logos w/ NCDD’s Name for Web

The following logos for web use include our full name. Use the larger one is possible, and please do not shrink the smaller one as the organization name will no longer be legible.

173px x 100px ~10kb

261px x 151px ~10kb

Bright Color Series of Small Logos for Web

The following small, web-only logos have transparent backgrounds and can be used to add color to any announcement or website.

237px x 139px ~10kb

237px x 139px ~10kb

237px x 139px ~10kb

237px x 139px ~10kb

237px x 139px ~10kb

Large Logos for Print

The following artwork is very large and is to be used in material going to press or printed at high quality. The black-outline logo without the shadow is the best option for printed signs (like directional signs at events).

900px x 529px 250kb

3600px x 2116px 451kb

900px x 529px 270kb

3600px x 2116px 520kb

900px x 529px 262kb

3600px x 2116px 512kb

Need a description to go with the logo?

Feel free to use this short description of NCDD…
NCDD is a network of 1,600 organizations and individuals who bring people together across divides to discuss, decide, and act together on today’s toughest challenges.  NCDD serves as a gathering place, a resource center, a news source, and a facilitative leader for an active community of practice centered around the practices of dialogue and deliberation. Learn more at www.ncdd.org.

Or use/adapt this longer description…
NCDD is an active network of innovators who bring people together across political and ethnic divides to discuss contentious issues and move to agreement and action when possible.  NCDD represents 1,600 organizations and individuals — facilitators, consultants, nonprofit leaders, public administrators, university professors, students, and others — and reaches many thousands more through our social media efforts and our monthly email update, which has 25,000 subscribers.  Since 2002, NCDD has served as a hub, a resource clearinghouse, a convenor, and a facilitative leader for this growing community of practice.  The NCDD website is home to thousands of resources, news posts and timely opportunities to help our members and others engage citizens across divides.  More details on NCDD’s activities can be found at www.ncdd.org/about.

Closing Note:

NCDD is happy to assist in the preparation of our artwork for use by community members. If the above artwork does not suit your purpose, please contact NCDD’s creative director, Andy Fluke, at andy@ncdd.org and we’ll be happy to prepare the artwork in a format that does suit.