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Past NCDD Projects

We created this page as a way to chronicle events we’ve co-sponsored or helped organize which have come and gone, and other projects that are no longer active. We’ll be adding more soon.

NCDD was involved in the following projects of note…

Make It Your Own Awards

The Case Foundation’s Make It Your Own Awards™, a groundbreaking grant-making initiative from the Case Foundation that launched on June 26, 2007, was about giving grants, tools, and recognition to people who are coming together to discuss what matters, form solutions, and take action. Twenty semi-finalists each received $10,000 grants to start bringing their ideas to life. Four final grant recipients were then be chosen by the public using an online voting system (!). These finalists will each be awarded an additional $25,000 grant.

The Make It Your Own Awards came about in response to research showing that many people feel disconnected from public leaders and institutions and don’t believe they have the power to make a real difference in their community. These findings were the reason for a paper released by the Case Foundation last fall, Citizens at the Center: A New Approach to Civic Engagement, which suggests that if people are actually going to become and stay engaged in their communities, one thing has to happen first: they must have more chances to connect with one another (including those with whom they might disagree), and figure out how they can work together for the common good.

NCDD was listed as a Partner of the Make It Your Own Awards program on the Case Foundation website.

20,000 Dialogues

Watch a film… Make a friend… Make peace happen… 20,000 Dialogues is a nationwide initiative bringing interfaith dialogue into the hands of ordinary people who want to make a positive difference. NCDD is partnering with 20,000 Dialogues to encourage you to join a nationwide campaign to bring people of different faiths together using films about Muslims to stimulate discussion and promote understanding.

National Presidential Caucus

Over the past four years, roughly five million Americans have used the Internet to organize tens of thousands of political Meetup’s, town halls and house parties. Now, with the country moving toward a de facto national presidential primary on February 5, 2008, a consortium of partisan, bipartisan and non-partisan groups (including NCDD) invited people to join them in organizing live, face-to-face meetings of the National Presidential Caucus on December 7, 2007.

November 5th Coalition

The November 5th Coalition was a new collaborative initiative dedicated to using the 2008 presidential election as an opportunity to foster deliberation about how we can collectively mobilize the energies and talents of ordinary citizens to address our challenges. We believe the campaign can be a watershed, where citizens reclaim their standing as partners of a government that is truly “of, by, and for the people.” The Coalition is named for the day after the election, when we hope a new chapter in our civic work begins – a partnership between voters and elected officials.

NCDD is involved in this initiative, as are Harry Boyte of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Democracy and Citizenship, Peter Levine of CIRCLE of the University of Maryland, Cynthia Gibson and others affiliated with the Case Foundation, Will Friedman and others at Public Agenda, and more. Learn more about this initiative here.

The Alliance of D&D Networks

NCDD was involved in the ”Alliance” – a group of North American leaders of national and international umbrella organizations that focus in large part on dialogue and deliberation, and have similar goals or mandates. We explored how we might develop more collaborative and cooperative relationships with one another, and whether there are some projects that we might pursue together that would not be as successful if we launched them separately. Initial “members” included C2D2, CPRN, NCDD and the DDC.

Some events NCDD has sponsored or partnered with…

The 2005, 2007 and 2009 Canadian Conferences on Dialogue & Deliberation

Inspired by NCDD’s first conference in 2002, the Canadian Community for Dialogue & Deliberation (C2D2) has held three national conferences so far. Learn more at www.c2d2.ca.

Including the Excluded Online Conference

NCDD was a Conference Affiliate for the Stakeholder Engagement 2010 Online Conference: Including the Excluded that took place March 2-4, 2010. This online conference focused on Social Inclusion, Social/Environmental Justice and Accessibility, and featured interactive presentations, networking and more. Learn more at www.seconf.org. Including the Excluded is presented by PublicDecisions, the online provider of professional development programs for stakeholder engagement and Learning Times, the leading producer of online communities and online conferences for education and training.

2009 National MultiCultural Institute (NMCI) Conference

NMCI welcomed NCDD members with open arms to its 2009 annual conference/training event, offering a 10% discount to dues-paying NCDD members on its Diversity Leadership Institute and Emerging Issues Forum. NMCI’s 2009 conference, “Forging New Pathways for Diversity and Inclusion: Building Skills for Collaboration and Dialogue,” was held November 18-21 in Arlington, Virginia. NCDD was an official sponsor of the conference.

Sandy Heierbacher, NCDD’s Director, helped design the innovative Emerging Issues Forum on November 18, 2009, a day-long event designed to convene leaders from different sectors and disciplines in thoughtful dialogue on controversial diversity and equity issues they face in their organizations, communities, and greater society. NCDD members David Campt and Leilani Henry helped this session succeed, using electronic keypads and Playback Theatre techniques (respectively) to enable top thought leaders in diversity and inclusion to identify and explore the major challenges they face, now and in the future, in achieving their goals of a truly equitable and inclusive society.

“Engaging the Other” Conference

The 4th Annual International Conference on “Engaging The OTHER:” The Power of Compassion is took place November 12-15, 2009 in San Mateo, California (outside San Francisco). NCDD co-sponsored this event with the Common Bond Institute and the International Humanistic Psychology Association. Engaging The OTHER is an innovative interdisciplinary conference examining concepts of “The Other” from a universal, cross-cultural perspective to promote wider public dialogue about concepts of “Us and Them.” Email Steve Olweean at Solweean@aol.com with questions, or visit www.cbiworld.org.

17th Annual IAP2 Conference

On September 21-23, 2009 the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) held its 17th annual conference in San Diego. The theme was Making Sustainable Decisions: The Price and Promise of Public Participation. As a Conference Partner, NCDD played a major role in the San Diego conference, and Sandy spoke during the final plenary session.

DIAC 2008

NCDD is a Partner of “DIAC-2008/OD2008” – a conference on online deliberation sponsored by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility and UC Berkeley School of Information. 2008’s theme was “Tools for Participation: Collaboration, Deliberation, and Decision Support. The conference took place June 26-29, 2008 at the University of California – Berkeley. The Conference Chair was Douglas Schuler, and Program Chairs were Todd Davies, Jerome Feldman, and Douglas Schuler.

Arsalyn Youth Conference

This year’s theme for Arsalyn’s annual youth conference, which took place in D.C. August 9-12, 2007, was “Bridging the Partisan Divide: Rediscovering Deliberation,” and NCDD was proud to play a major role at the event. Arsalyn invited 150 young people ages 16-20 to the 2007 conference to learn the art of political deliberation. This event is part of a series of conferences geared toward helping young people – especially politically active youth – develop skills that will help them communicate effectively with those of opposing views or with more lukewarm potential allies without alienating them or poisoning the wells of deliberation and common action. Read more about NCDD’s involvement in the conference here, or visit  www.arsalyn.org.

Awakening Global Action in Bali

NCDD was a Partner of Awakening Global Action: Leadership, Indigenous Wisdom & Dialogue for a Transforming World, an intergenerational, multicultural gathering in Ubud, Bali July 31 through August 7, 2007. The conference, run by the Bali Institute for Global Renewal, featured world renowned speakers, facilitators and indigenous wisdom leaders from Africa, Indonesia, North America, Australia, Thailand, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Peru and more.

Why Dialogue: and when and how and where?

The New York City-based Network for Peace through Dialogue (NPD) held a conference called “Why Dialogue: and when and how and where?” on June 15th and 16th, 2007, and NCDD was pleased to co-sponsor this event. This affordable conference, held in collaboration with MarymountManhattan College, featured interactive sessions led by groups including Public Conversations Project, the Dialogue Project, the Compassionate Listening Project, and NCDD.

2007 Conference of ACR’s Environment and Public Policy Section

The Association for Conflict Resolution’s EPP Section’s 2007 Conference was held on the campus of Florida Atlantic University’s Jupiter John D. MacArthur Campus in Jupiter, Florida. The conference has held June 7-9, 2007. Go to www.mediate.com/acrepp/pg25.cfm to learn more.

Nexus for Change

Held at Bowling Green State University in Ohio in March 2007, Nexus for Change brought together practitioners, researchers, leaders, activists, and educators to advance participative change methods. NCDD was a co-sponsor of this gathering. The focus of the conference will be on leveraging the power of over 60 approaches being used to transform whole organizations and communities as they tackle 21st century challenges – the 60+ methods featured in the recently-published second edition of The Change Handbook. These approaches are broadly referred to as large-group methods/interventions, whole system change, or large-scale change. What makes them unique are two foundation assumptions: high involvement and a systemic approach to improvement. Go to www.nexusforchange.org to learn more.

Facing Violence: Justice, Religion and Conflict Resolution

The RockRose Institute’s 2007 World Forum on “Facing Violence: Justice, Religion and Conflict Resolution” took place in February 2007 at the Argent Hotel in San Francisco, California. Speakers included former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel, and group dialogue was facilitated by Mark Gerzon, the Public Conversations Project, Search for Common Ground, The World Café and others. The program offered an interactive experience for all participants, focusing on the question “How do we prepare people and societies to resolve conflicts and co-exist peacefully?” Go to www.rockroseinstitute.org for more details.