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Why do you support NCDD?

Many of the quotes below were collected during NCDD’s 2011 summer fund drive. If you’d like to support NCDD as well, please consider making a tax deductible donation — we’d greatly appreciate your support!

“NCDD is a great organization with wonderful resources, an amazing network of practitioners, and updates on happenings around the U.S., and even internationally. Well done Sandy, Joy, others!!”
Dick LaFever

“NCDD is and has been a seminal torch-holder for all of us who are passionate about this field and the work we do in it.”
Amy Lenzo, Director of Communications for the World Café Community Foundation

“NCDD not only officially introduced me to the fields of dialogue, deliberation and public engagement (San Francisco 2006 conference), but it has also given me access to many valuable resources to support my facilitation efforts ever since then. Almost all of my dialogue work is pro-bono; for nonprofit organizations that I love and in communities that I care deeply about. I’m tremendously grateful to be able to continuously learn from the community of scholars and practitioners that NCDD convenes! This enables me to build upon my knowledge and expertise in order to provide the highest quality of service that I can to my community!”
Amanda Crowell Itliong, Leadership Educator, Dialogue Facilitator & Volunteer

“NCDD is the first place I turn if I need technical assistance with a dialogue issue/situation and it is the resource I share most often with others interested in learning more about dialogue. I gave to your first fund drive as a response to the generosity NCDD has offered to members and anyone interested for as long as it’s been in existence. I’m heartened by the great response from folks around the world who know what you do and how you do it!”
Cathey Capers, Wellspring Resources, Austin, Texas

“NCDD has done a remarkable job of helping to grow and build our D&D community by creating spaces for us to connect and come together, to share resources and generate ideas. Thank you NCDD.”
Jan Elliott, Co-Leader of the Dialogue, Deliberation and Public Engagement Collaborative Certificate Program

“NCDD provides an unparalled set of resources – and a critically important forum – for those interested in how to address differences, make decisions and determine policy in more inclusive and participatory ways.”
Terry Amsler, Program Director of the ILG’s Public Engagement and Collaborative Governance Program

Several years ago, I was pleased to have nominated my friend and colleague, Sandy Heierbacher, for the Board of the National Issues Forums Institute. Since then, NCDD has rapidly grown into an impressive, innovative, and organic network of people and organizations committed to the very best ideals of civic participation. If, as Alexis de Tocqueville notes: “the health of a democratic society may be measured by the quality of functions performed by private citizens”, then we can be extremely proud of the contributions of NCDD. Join us and make a contribution to continue this important work!
John W. Cavanaugh, Ph.D., President & CEO, Cross Cultural Communications, LLC

“I donated to the NCDD summer fund drive because almost every day, the NCDD listserv drops a useful idea or research paper into my inbox. I benefit from the discussion among NCDD members, and I appreciate the role that NCDD plays in encouraging cross-pollination within the field. I also wanted to support the role of Sandy Heierbacher, whose thoughtful, calming, collaborative presence helps keep the deliberative community moving forward.”
Jennifer Wilding, Director, Consensus

“NCDD is a critical resource for our field. All three of its major components–its website, its listservs, and its conferences–by themselves play essential roles in the further development of the work we all do, both in terms of welcoming and educating new people about all the various aspects of the work, as well as helping more experienced scholars and practitioners expand their repertoire and their networks. I mark the NCDD conference in 2006 as my official entry into this work, and it remains the most impactful and insightful conference I have attended.”
Martin Carcasson, Director of the Center for Public Deliberation at Colorado State University

“NCDD has become the place to go for individual practitioners and scholars to stay abreast of methods and new applications in the field of deliberative democracy. The list serv is a place where professionals can seek answers and offer guidance. The Conferences make it possible to share best practices and explore emerging methods — while having a great time connecting with old and new colleagues. NCDD plays an important and vital role in the field. Now is a great time to give back!”
Dr. Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer, President and Founder of AmericaSpeaks

“NCDD helps us stay on top of the field, see what people are doing and thinking — very helpful as we operate in multiple streams at once. We’ve been fans since 2002 and want to see NCDD continue to grow!”
Susan Stuart Clark, Director of The Common Knowledge Group, www.ckgroup.org

“NCDD is not only a great information resource. It is a rich community of passionate people who understand and value the creative power of people in conversation.”
Arlot Hall, Alaska Common Ground

“What we most value about the NCDD Network are our shared values of democracy and dialogue, the belief that together we can make a difference in each others’ lives, and the persistence of the NCDD staff in making today’s technology equal to the challenges we face.”
Sandra Janoff and Marv Weisbord, Co-Directors, Future Search Network

“I donated to NCDD because I’ve watched it grow from its tiny beginning to a robust contributor to the field. I’m grateful to NCDD for all that it does in the world. Keep flourishing!”
Professor Lyn Carson, Centre for Citizenship and Public Policy, University of Western Sydney

“I’m delighted to support NCDD financially, as it has played a crucial role in connecting me with colleagues doing important and exciting work in the field. I have enormous respect for the organization, its mission and what it’s achieved to date. I see my modest investment as helping NCDD continue this wonderful work into the future.”
Dave Joseph, Vice President of Program at the Public Conversations Project

“Over the years I have reaped far more in benefits from NCDD than the tiny dues might warrant. NCDD has opened my eyes to new, powerful tools and wide-ranging perspectives that enrich my organizational work and make me a better facilitator. I’ve also gained some wonderful colleagues through NCDD. It was time to give back to an organization that has given me a great deal!”
Juli Fellows, Ph.D.

“Since 2002, NCDD has been exceptionally resourceful, even-handed, and effective in supporting dialogue and deliberation; it has become indispensable to practitioners, leaders, students, and stakeholders in the field today.”
Laura Chasin, Founder of the Public Conversations Project

“NCDD has been invaluable in connecting me to the community of practice in deliberative democracy around the country. It is the best group of its kind.”
Jim Fishkin, creator of Deliberative Polling

“I constantly refer people to NCDD! By supporting the people who bring innovative group processes to civic and organizational engagement, NCDD is better positioned than any organization I know to make a difference to our collective well-being.”
Peggy Holman, author Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity and co-author, The Change Handbook

“Learning community, treasure-trove of resources, conversation starter, hope for the world — NCDD is all of these and more.”
Tom Atlee, Founder of the Co-Intelligence Institute

“In the exploding field of participatory governance, NCDD occupies that unique and important place of national information resource and convener of discussions. Through their website, email listserv and local conferences, NCDD serves as a vital link between practitioners and between them and government officials.”
Pete Peterson, Executive Director of the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement & Civic Leadership

“In the vitally important fields of dialogue and deliberation, NCDD is the best learning community and trading post for novices and seasoned practitioners, as well the indispensable honest broker among hundreds of organizations.”
Dick Chasin

“NCDD is the dynamic, cross-fertilizing center of overlapping fields whose resources foster the kinds of dialogue and deliberation our country needs more than ever.”
Cherry Muse, President of the Public Conversations Project

“I was ‘there at the beginning’, and I think that what you all are doing is so very important for our polarized, fractured world.”
Jim Snow

“More than ever now we have to support the work each and all of us are doing in the dialogue and deliberation field – or we’re doomed. As I see it, NCDD is our lodgepole.”
Deborah Goldblatt, Director, World Café Services, World Café Community Foundation

“I donated to NCDD because it is a trusted source of thoughtful, intelligent discourse and exploration of the levers of human change and transformation.”
Patricia Neal, Heartland, Inc