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Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center

The Cambridge Multicultural Art Center (CMAC) is a non-profit corporation founded in 1978 as an arts center focused on helping diverse populations better understand one another. Our mission is to present visual and performing arts programs to educate the community about diversity, and make our facility available to artists or groups that might not otherwise have access to a professionally equipped facility or the cultural mainstream.

Sample Project:

The Arts and Dialogues on Race Series is an initiative that tackles difficult issues of race and bigotry through the arts. Each program presents a thought-provoking topic through a performance and visual art exhibition that was then publicly discussed with a panel of scholars, artists, community leaders, and audience participants. Examples of programs include: "The Latina Woman Speaks," "Reality on the Big Screen," and "What is the Color of Beauty?"

CMAC convened a series of community dialogues, facilitated by a professional mediation group, to identify and discuss pertinent racial issues in the community, and encouraged people who do not consciously address racial issues to participate in the program. CMAC planned informal meetings for audience participants to have additional opportunity for dialogue.

Resource Link: www.cmacusa.org

Marty Allen, Communications Director



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In partnership with the Animating Democracy Initiative of Americans for the Arts (www.americansforthearts.org/animatingdemocracy/), NCDD's Leah Lamb researched arts-based civic dialogue programs in order to help dialogue & deliberation practitioners strengthen their work by linking it to the arts. NCDD hopes these resources will inspire you, and encourages you to connect with the artists, many of whom are interested in working with D&D practitioners.

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