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The primary objective of the Campus Conflict Resolution Resources project (Campus-adr.org) is to significantly increase administrator, faculty, staff and student awareness of, access to, and use of conflict resolution information specifically tailored to the higher education context. The Resource Center builds on the success of the Campus Mediation Resources (CMR) website built by Bill Warters and hosted by the Mediating Theory and Democratic Systems program at Wayne State. The CMR site has been phased out.

The Resource Center is working to provide:

  • mediation and conflict resolution program development and assessment tools;
  • a regularly updated database of existing campus conflict management projects or programs;
  • skill-training and in-service workshop exercises, case-studies and role-plays;
  • collections of full-text articles on campus conflict issues that can be searched, sorted, and then packaged as tailor-made "online coursepacs" to supplement teaching and training efforts;
  • annotated, searchable bibliographies;
  • topical briefing papers related to campus conflict;
  • information on upcoming professional development and networking opportunities specifically in the campus conflict management field;
  • a university dispute resolution policies index;
  • a searchable FAQ database; and
  • further development of the Conflict Management in Higher Education Report.

Resource Link: www.campus-adr.org



656 W. Kirby, Room 3146 FAB, College of Urban, Labor and Metropolitan Affairs




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