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Canadian Peace Institute (CPI) Discussion Group

As part of the Canadian Culture of Peace Program (CCOPP), this list is intended to promote networking, communication and information dissemination among all (formal and informal) Canadian Peace Educators.

There is an emerging consensus among Canadian peace educators that the structures and processes which would enhance peace learning of the best possible quality at all levels are not currently available in Canada. While we need to acknowledge that a peace focus would be highly supported by some few Canadian Universities, Colleges, Schools and other institutions, our goal is to see more of them do so. We would hope to begin to fill that void through the creation of a Canadian Peace Institute ('CPI').

Our vision is to contribute to the creation of a just and peaceful world by using action, education, training, dissemination and research to handle conflicts non-violently and creatively. In doing so, CPI will also help transform Canada from a culture of violence to a Culture of Peace and Non-violence.

Our task will be to help educate and train Canadians, and others, about peace and the creative transformation of conflicts, to help significantly reduce the human costs of violence at home and abroad. CPI will produce peace and conflict workers and professionals, on a large scale. It will also reach out into Canadian communities and schools. CPI will be a catalyst for change to communities, businesses, governments and education. CPI will also turn out graduates with a grasp of the bigger human picture; the ability to learn; top-notch verbal, writing and leadership skills; and an ability to creatively resolve problems through co-operative effort. CPI students will be able to earn undergraduate and post-graduate degrees; program certification; and/or informal learning.

For a more detailed description of our working vision, refer to the background information online at www.peace.ca/educationpartnerships.htm or contact stewartr@peace.ca.

Geographic Focus: Canada

Resource Link: groups.yahoo.com/group/CPIdiscussion

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