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Choices for the 21st Century Program

The Choices Program at Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies offers deliberation-focused supplemental curriculum units for U.S. History, World History and Global Studies. Choices units feature historical background, a role play centered on alternative policies, primary source materials, detailed lesson plans and study guides. Units are affordable.

The Choices Program was established in 1988 as a national education program that seeks to engage students at the secondary level in consideration of the historical roots and current realities of the most pressing international concerns of our day, to instill in them a commitment to understand these issues from a range of perspectives, and to encourage them to participate in shaping the world in which they live. Choices is founded on three core ideas:

  • There is a growing need to strengthen the skills and habits of citizenship in order to contribute to the renewal of American democracy.
  • We must do this in ways that contribute to our understandings of who we are as a nation and how we fit into the broader world.
  • In a healthy democracy, public education has an inherent responsibility to contribute to this effort.

Curriculum Resources

Choices develops curriculum units that actively engage students in international issues and encourage them to apply their knowledge in an authentic setting. Resources address a range of national and state standards.

Teaching with the News – Online Resources

Teaching with the News provides online curriculum materials and ideas to connect the content of the classroom to the headlines in the news.

Capitol Forum on America's Future

The Capitol Forum is a civic education initiative that engages high school students in deliberation on current international issues. The program involves students within their social studies classroom and beyond the classroom at their state capitol. The content of the Capitol Forum grows out of the curriculum work of the Choices Program.

Workshops for Teachers

Choices offers a range of professional development programs including summer institutes, full-day programs, workshops at professional conferences, and in-service programs. Check the Choices Program calendar for a full listing of upcoming programs.

The Choices Methodology

Using an innovative approach to student-centered instruction, Choices curricular materials develop critical thinking and civic judgement – essential ingredients of responsible citizenship. Learn more about the Choices Methodology at http://www.choices.edu/resources/approach.php.

Resource Link: www.choices.edu



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