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Leading Great Meetings: How to Structure Yours For Success

The 230-page book, Leading Great Meetings: How to Structure Yours for Success, by Dr. Richard Lent was published June 2015. This book discusses how providing structure to meetings can help to create more productive meetings and offers 32 tools to conduct better meetings.

More about the book…

Leading_Great_MeetingsRecent advances in helping groups talk together to provide new ways to run effective meetings naturally…a structural approach. All meetings come with structures that affect how we behave in them. Structure includes how leaders frame a task, include different views, support dialogue, manage time, and reach decisions. In most meetings, this structure goes unconsidered and unseen, but it still has a powerful impact.

Leading Great Meetings: How to Structure Yours for Success, is designed to help leaders use structure to create more productive meetings. It provides 12 choices and 32 tools to plan and conduct a wide range of meetings from team meetings to board meetings. You can select from the choices and tools, the ones relevant to your situation. There also are stories, examples, even “blueprints,” so you can see how a structural approach works in action.

To see structure at work, consider the number of participants in a recent meeting. If there were more than 7 or 8 participants, then the chances are very good that some participants did not stay engaged. This is the effect of the structures in place when larger groups try to hold one conversation. Fortunately, there are simple processes (“tools”) that you can use to keep all engaged. This book shows you how. Other structures include how the task is framed, who attends, hierarchy, room arrangements, approach to discussions and decisions and many more.

Using the right meeting structure enables people to talk together more effectively without having to remember how to behave. Most recommendations for better meetings emphasize adopting rules or changing behavior. But when discussions get heated, people ignore the rules and good behavior is hard to maintain. Structure can create a naturally productive meeting. For more information go to http://amzn.to/1dZL67Q or visit www.meetingforresults.com.

About Dr. Richard Lent
Dr. Richard Lent has spent the last 20 years designing, facilitating and coaching leaders on more effective meetings. He facilitates meetings around the world in business, non-profit organizations and communities. Some of the organizations with which he has worked include the World Food Programme, UNICEF, Logitech, the WK Kellogg Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, and the International Red Cross. He received his Ph.D. from Syracuse University in Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation. He can be contacted at rick[at]meetingforresults.com.

Resource Link: www.meetingforresults.com

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