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Global Outreach in Local Communities…Bringing Worlds Together One Tip at a Time

The online guide, Global Outreach in Local Communities…Bringing Worlds Together One Tip at a Time (2015), is a collaborative effort from across sectors that began out of the Diversity Outreach Workshops in Multnomah County, Oregon. Read the preface below and access the guide online here.

More about the guide…Global_Outreach_Local_Communities

The volunteer Multnomah County Citizen Involvement Committee (CIC) with staff support from the Office of Citizen Involvement (OCI) began the Diversity Outreach Workshops in 2008. The CIC’s mission is to increase engagement and input by the public into county policy decision-making. The workshops seek to improve the strategies and tools that county staff and volunteers use to conduct outreach to diverse communities by inviting those doing the work to share their best practices and lessons learned. This, in turn, enhances public engagement and input while broadening the community perspectives guiding policy decisions.

Over the years, the workshops have grown to include attendees from several government entities, non-profit organizations, and the public at large. During the workshops, as many as three organizations that have worked extensively with a variety of diverse communities present their “nuts and bolts” outreach tips and insights. They typically cover:

• How they evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the organization.
• How they discover and adopt new strategies for earning greater public trust.
• What has and hasn’t worked when conducting outreach.

Beginning in 2010, we began summarizing the tips offered by the presenters during the workshops and sending them to attendees. Since then, 23 government and non-profit organizations have presented. In an effort to make the tips even more accessible, we have assembled this compilation guide.

Please note that this guide is not meant to be an exhaustive list of everything that can be done to improve outreach to diverse communities. Rather, it is an anthology of the key tips that presenters chose to emphasize. Most presenters focused on tips that apply to conducting outreach across the board as well as building partnerships. Some presenters offered tips that apply to specific organizations or focus on specific populations. Additionally, this is an evolving document that will be updated as future workshops take place. Please contact us if your organization is interested in presenting (citizen.involvement[at]multco[dot]us).

We are excited to provide this treasury of tips from our many outstanding presenters, and encourage you to go forth and utilize them to better involve diverse communities in your work!

You can learn more about our programs and initiatives, including the Diversity Outreach Workshops, as well as the Office of Citizen Involvement, which supports our work. Additionally, you can find out about our events and activities by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Resource Link: https://multco.us/oci/global-outreach-local-comunities

This resource was submitted by Gary Marschke, Executive Director at Multnomah County Office of Citizen Involvement via the Add-a-Resource form.

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