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Core Issues in Comprehensive Community-Building Initiatives: Exploring Power and Race

Power and race are rarely acknowledged but undeniable influences in community change initiatives. This volume, which follows on 1996's “Core Issues in Comprehensive Community-Building Initiatives,” explores the role and influence of power and race in the planning, practice, and evaluation of comprehensive community-building initiatives (CCIs). It is composed of essays by Stone and Butler and responses to those essays by key participants in the field of community building. The lead essays are based on extensive interviews and focus group discussions with stakeholders in CCIs nationwide, including community residents, technical assistance providers, CCI managers and site directors, funders, and researchers.

Rebecca Stone and Benjamin Butler

Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago (2000)

Resource Link: www.chapinhall.org/article_abstract.aspx?ar=1302&L2=63&L3=108

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