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CRS Programs For Managing School Multicultural Conflict

A multicultural learning environment has become the norm in many school districts and communities throughout the United States. The diversity found in these settings offers many opportunities for people to learn more about one another. Yet too often schools are ill prepared to adjust to this diversity positively. To address this reality, the Community Relations Service of the U.S. Department of Justice has developed several racial/ethnic conflict prevention and management programs for schools or school districts.

Conflict Resolution Services: CRS resolves community conflicts between students, parents, organizations, school personnel, police and school security. CRS can also help address community racial concerns following a hate incident.

Student Conflict Resolution Teams: CRS provides training for student mediators and facilitates the establishment of student response teams.

Student Problem Identifying and Resolving Issues Together (SPIRIT) Program: CRS provides training for two-day student-focused problem-solving sessions for resolving conflict in multicultural schools and school districts. This program includes students, school administrators, school security, and local law enforcement.

School/Community Based Program: CRS facilitates meetings of students, school officials, police, parents, and community leaders to identify and prioritize problems, and to develop long term plans to resolve these problems.

Conflict Management and Cultural Awareness Training For Staff: CRS provides training for administrators, faculty, security personnel, building staff, and bus drivers in racial conflict contingency planning and management of multicultural situations.

Management of School Disruption and Violence: CRS provides training on best practices for restoring control of the learning environment, modifying the curriculum for a multicultural environment, addressing cultural sensitivity issues, increasing communication between the school and the community, improving police-school relations, and developing a youth advocacy program.

Resource Link: www.usdoj.gov/crs/pubs/pubflyercrsschoolprograms92003.htm

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