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Foundation for Prevention and Early Resolution of Conflicts (PERC)

The Foundation for Prevention and Early Resolution of Conflicts (PERC) is dedicated to the promotion of conflict resolution by agreement-making through the voluntary techniques of conflict resolution: negotiation, mediation and arbitration. The website contains a statement by Theodore W. Kheel, PERC’s president, entitled “The Gentle Art of Agreement-Making,” in the belief that agreement-making underlies both conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution.

They also offer without charge an online Primer on Conflict Resolution based on Kheel’s book, The Keys to Conflict Resolution. Those taking the primer can email questions to ted_kheel@conflictresolution.org. As a complement to the Primer, PERC has provided access to selected readings from Kheel’s book, plus a unique cartoon collection that will help illustrate some of the basic principles of conflict resolution.

Resource Link: www.conflictresolution.org

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