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Last Chance for Eden Part 2

Directed by Lee Mun Wah, Last Chance for Eden 2 is a documentary about nine women and men who spend a weekend together in Ukiah, California confronting the issues of sexism on their lives and relationships. As each of the participants shares what it was like in their families of origin, what becomes apparent is how much their lives were affected by their parents’ attitudes and behaviors. Many talked about what it was like growing up in an abusive family and the scars that later haunted them as they struggled with how to reckon with those experiences in their adult relationships.

In small groups, the women discuss their experiences around safety, sexism, and sexual harassment in the workplace as well as the role that the media plays in perpetuating sexism and male privilege.

What make this film unique is also the discussion by the men about their fears of losing control and having to deal with their emotions. Each relates the role that fathers and mothers played in shaping their attitudes about women, staying in control, and not becoming too emotional. They also talk about how those attitudes and behaviors affected their relationships with their partners and daughters.

This film will bring you to tears and to the profound realization of how deeply rooted sexism and violence have permeated our workplaces, communities and families. A must see film for those who want to create a different world for our sons and daughters.

Oakland, CA: Stir-Fry Productions, www.stirfryseminars.com

Each video is $500 for educational institutions, $225 for small nonprofits and $110 for individuals.

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