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Mindscapes by Nancy

Since 1985 Nancy Margulies has visually recorded meetings and presentations using her particular form of graphic recording called Mindscaping. Over the years she gained skills in meeting planning and facilitation and experience in a range of business and community settings. Author of several books, including Mapping Inner Space, her most popular title.

MINDSCAPING, developed by Nancy Margulies, is a system that uses pictures, visual metaphors, symbols, color and the space on a page to create a graphic representation of ideas. Although they are similar to mind maps, Mindscapes are free flowing, allowing for use of phrases and sentences, beginning anywhere on the page, and focusing on the visual and symbolic representations of ideas. The outcome of both processes is that you can SEE your ideas and the relationships among them. When you view a Mindscape you are seeing a system.

The advantage of non-linear note-taking is that it engages both the logical, sequential processing style of the brain and the creative, holistic style as well. With these processes you can thing creatively, record ideas rapidly and present them to others in a compelling and engaging format.

Note: The photo on this page shows Nancy graphically recording at NCDD's 2006 conference in San Francisco.

Here's How We Work:

Whenever possible Mariah Howard and I [Nancy Margulies] work together. We both create visual records (Mindscapes) while working with groups. Often I facilitate while Mariah records. We usually create a set of large Mindscapes during the presentations and discussions and post them around the room. At the end of a session I take ten or fifteen minutes to explain some of the key features of the Mindscapes and give feedback to the group regarding the highlights and themes of the session.

Mindscapes represent more than a record of what occurred, they provide a visual synthesis, lending clarity to the material and showing the way that ideas relate to one another.

Mariah photographs the color images, touches them up in Photoshop, and puts them directly onto a discthat she will sendto you for use on your web site, for making slide presentations or enhancing reports.

We make smaller black and white versions of Mindscapes in for participants to take home. The small 'scapes serve as the conference proceedings record.

People often spend time reviewing these visuals and sharing the contents with colleagues. It's a lot easier to take someone through a Mindscape while discussing the details than it is to review a written document with them.

We often include a few Mindscapes for people to fill in later, encouraging them to think about how they will apply the information they gained during the conference.

During executive development seminars we can teach the basics of mind mapping to groups of any size. The technique is then applied toward planning or problem solving. With basic mapping skills, you can create visual records for note-taking, brainstorm on paper, plan and deliver presentations and conduct negotiations. Mindscaping is a more free form version of mind mapping and is introduced after the basics of mapping are understood.

One of the most effective approaches to introducing Mindscaping, often called visual synthesis, in a company is for us to record a meeting or seminar so that everyone can then see how maps and Mindscapes create a memorable visual record of ideas and how the relationships between concepts can be drawn as well. Then we can follow up with a training for those interested in becoming mappers.

Many of the maps that we create are not traditional "mind maps". We call them Mindscapes because they chart the landscapes of the mind. Mindscapes can be mural sized and work particularly well in developing shared visions. Two of us working on either end of a large mural can rapidly capture whatever is said.

Several companies have hired us to make a mural map of the whole company. These are displayed to show employees, visitors and customers how the company is designed. New employees each receive a small version of the Mindscape so that they can see how the job they will be doing contributes to the whole.

As you can see, the process has numerous applications — I can tailor it to fit the specific needs of the client. Any documents that I create belong to the sponsoring organization to use in the future for presentations, publications and hand-outs.

About Mariah Howard

Mariah Howard is a visual recorder, artist and educator. She is currently designing curriculum for Dare to Imagine, The Art of Olympian Thinking, a nationwide program for disadvantaged youth.

Mariah works with corporate and community groups capturing their conversations and presentations in a unique form of note taking called Mindscaping. Her recent clients include British Petroleum, the City of Richmond, The National Leadership Symposium and the National Retail Talent Summit, The National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation, Palestinian/Israeli Dialogues Contemplative Outreach National Symposium and The Doyle Center for Autism Studies. She has worked and studied in Turkey, Israel, Japan, India and Thailand.

About Nancy Margulies

NANCY MARGULIES works with corporations and educational groups worldwide. She facilitates meetings and presents ideas using her unique form of graphic representation, Mindscaping. This technique enables Nancy to capture the presentations and discussions in a form that clearly conveys the essential concepts, relationships, and patterns. Mindscapes also make the information more memorable, lending clarity to the ideas presented.

In workshops tailored to meet client needs, Nancy leads strategic planning sessions and teaches others to be more creative, to Mindscape, and to tap their artistic abilities. Nancy also regularly collaborates with Meg Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science. Her recent activities include working with Fritjof Capra, Hewlett-Packard, and 3M. She has also worked with President Clinton and the Cabinet and facilitated workshops in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Switzerland, Turkey and South Africa.

Nancy is the author of The Mind Map and Mapping Inner Space, as well as several instructional videos and comics. Her other works include books on the brain and learning for children and Visual Thinking, Tools for Mapping Your Ideas.

Resource Link: www.Nancymargulies.com

Nancy Margulies


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Go to www.visualpractitioner.org to learn more about graphic facilitation and to connect with a graphic facilitator or graphic recorder near you.

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