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Preparing Teachers for Cultural Diversity

“These are especially critical times for democratic education. In important respects, our future rests on the ability of schools of education to prepare teachers to find pathways that help all of their students learn in much more powerful ways and to create community among cultures where there is now dissension…. This rich volume describes how teachers can be prepared so that they, in turn, can prepare their students to be successful participants in a highly demanding, pluralistic society.” – From the Foreword by Linda Darling-Hammond

The editors have gathered together some of the top researchers in teacher education to explore both the theoretical parameters and practical dimensions of transforming teacher education programs to educate teachers for diversity. The programs outlined in these chapters address the necessity of providing preservice teachers with learning experiences that will help them facilitate learning in culturally and linguistically diverse school settings. The contributors identify the competence, skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to teach diverse populations effectively and equitably, including methods and experiences to expand understanding of diversity, racism, social justice, and culturally responsive instruction.

The book is organized to focus attention on paradigmatic models for transforming teacher education in three general areas: delineating the historical dimensions, contemporary perspectives, and guiding rationales for the transformation of teacher preparation; explicating the theoretical underpinnings of program processes for preparing teachers; and presenting model programs that incorporate curriculum and pedagogy, field-based professional development, and assesment strategies to prepare teachers to be effective in culturally diverse settings.

Contributors include Mary E. Diez, A. Lin Goodwin, Susan L. Melnick, Peter Murrell, Jr., Valerie Ooka Pang, Priscilla H. Walton, and Kenneth M. Zeichner.

Joyce E. King, Etta R. Hollins and Warren C. Hayman, Eds.

New York: Teachers College Press (1997)

Resource Link: store.tcpress.com/0807736058.shtml

Purchase for $23.95 on the Teachers College Press Website (www.teacherscollegepress.com).

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