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Preventing Terrorism and Promoting Civil Liberties – A Citizen ChoiceWork Guide

Local law enforcement plays a critical role in the fight against terrorism. Officers identify and guard likely targets, generate intelligence through informants, undercover work and technology, and coordinate with federal authorities. And, should prevention fail, they are among the first responders who try to minimize the damage. How can law enforcement officers be most effective in fighting terrorism? What role, if any, should the community play in these efforts? How should we deal with tradeoffs we might face with respect to our privacy and civil liberties? How can infringement on civil liberties be avoided, or at least minimized, while we work to maintain our security?

Based on decades of research and experience concerning how average citizens think and talk about issues, Public Agenda's Choicework dialogue materials are designed to help groups and communities talk productively about public problems. Choicework dialogue materials present alternative perspectives on an issue, highlighting the pros, cons and tradeoffs of going down different paths. They use everyday language, not professional jargon, and focus on the kinds of concerns and values that non-experts can readily engage.

Public Agenda

Resource Link: www.publicagenda.org/pubengage/pe_toolkit.cfm

The guide is downloadable from the Public Agenda website for free.

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