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Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation (CIIAN)

The Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation (CIIAN) is dedicated to the prevention and resolution of destructive conflict at the local, national and international levels. We believe that conflict competency is a cornerstone for such achievement. CIIAN integrates innovative ADR techniques coupled with applied research into the practice of conflict resolution, mediation and other Track II diplomacy approaches. Our conflict prevention and peacebuilding initiatives view intervention as a design process including the utilization of lessons learned.

CIIAN achieves its mission through three programs: the International Program; the Domestic Program; and Special Programs. Key to our programming efficacy is the assurance that all CIIAN's process professionals are theory-informed, conflict practitioners. Expertise and experience as facilitators, as trainers, as researchers, as consultants and/or program managers round out our competencies.

Training Opportunities

In CIIAN's Practitioner Program, CIIAN mediator-trainers use their experience in resolving disputes to design, develop and deliver professional training in negotiation, mediation and conflict analysis and dispute resolution system design. CIIAN offers dynamic, interactive Certificates in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

People who have completed the Advanced Certificate in ADR may seek the designation of Registered Practitioner in Dispute Resolution (RPDR). In addition, people who have completed the Workplace Specialist Certificate may seek the RPDR designation with a workplace specialty.

Geographic Focus: Canada

Resource Link: www.ciian.org



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