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Wendy Ewald, Photographer

Over the course of several weeklong visits the fall and winter of 2003, internationally acclaimed American photographer Wendy Ewald worked with a group of third, fourth, and fifth graders at Richmond, Virginia's Carver Elementary School. Together, they developed photographic images and text exploring the students' perceptions of self, community, and home.

This material–a multifaceted portrait of the Carver communit–ultimately took the form of 29 large-scale photographic banners, each measuring 10 by 8 feet. The banners were installed in twelve outdoor locations throughout the neighborhood. Ewald's project, called 'In Peace and Harmony: Carver Portraits,' moved art beyond the boundaries of the gallery walls into the public arena, expanding the meaning and implications of the term 'on site.'

Resource Link: www.blackbird.vcu.edu/v3n2/gallery/ewald_w/ewald.htm

Wendy Ewald


1494 Annandale Road

Red Hook



In partnership with Americans for the Arts' Animating Democracy Initiative (www.americansforthearts.org/animatingdemocracy/), NCDD's Leah Lamb researched arts-based civic dialogue programs in order to help dialogue & deliberation practitioners strengthen their work by linking it to the arts. NCDD hopes these resources will inspire you, and encourages you to connect with the artists, many of whom are interested in working with D&D practitioners.

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