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Citizens Health Care Working Group

Established by the US Congress in 2003, the Citizens Health Care Working Group is mandated to create a nationwide public debate about improving the health care system to provide every American with the ability to obtain quality, affordable health care coverage. Congress is expected to vote on the recommendations that result from the debate. The group is holding a series of small and large-scale public meetings throughout 2006 aimed at engaging the American public in establishing the values and priorities that must drive health care reform in 2008 and beyond.

The first large-scale forum, designed and facilitated by AmericaSpeaks, was held March 4, 2006 in Los Angeles and engaged more than 500 residents from the across the city.

Between January and May of 2006, more than 30 public forums have been scheduled across the country.

The Working Group asks citizens to give their answers to four vital questions:

– What health care benefits and services should be provided?
– How does the American public want health care delivered?
– How should health care coverage be financed?
– What trade-offs are the American public willing to make in either benefits or financing to ensure access to affordable, high-quality health care coverage and services?

As part of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act Of 2003, the U.S. Congress created the Citizens' Health Care Working Group. View the law text at Public Law 108-173, Sec. 1014 (http://www.citizenshealthcare.gov/about/law.php).

Resource Link: www.citizenshealthcare.gov



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