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American University – School of International Service

SIS is the largest school of international affairs in the United States, with more than 3,000 students at the BA, MA, and PhD levels, from 150 countries. Its eight areas of study offer students a wide range of possibilities: Comparative and Regional Studies, Global and Environmental Politics, International Communication, International Development, International Economic Policy, International Politics, Peace and Conflict Resolution, and United States Foreign Policy.

While the school and its curriculum have grown and changed dramatically in the last 54 years, its core values remain the same. According to Louis W. Goodman, dean of SIS, “Our founders had a vision of a place that would educate citizens planning to be of service. That is the essence of what we do.”  Learn more at www.american.edu/sis/.

Graduate Programs

SIS offers both Ph.D. and Master’s programs. The Ph.D. in International Relations program is designed to prepare graduates for careers in university teaching and research. The curriculum combines core offerings in international relations theory, comparative politics, and methodology with a structure that allows students considerable flexibility. Major emphasis is placed on research; in addition to the dissertation, students are encouraged to to present conference papers, engage in collaborative work with faculty, and submit articles to refereed journals.

The SIS Master’s program, together with the many co-curricular opportunities the School offers, provides key links between theory and practice. The program, with its eight major fields of study, equips graduates with the competence and skills necessary for professional careers in today’s increasingly complex and globalized environment. The SIS experience includes the depth necessary for intellectual and skills development and the flexibility students need to shape their studies precisely to fit their professional objectives. Each field includes theory, economics, social science research methods, and resources and opportunities for experiential learning. Further, students construct their concentration by choosing a set of courses from one of the School’s fields or by designing a uniquely tailored field to meet their needs.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduates at the School of International Service have two challenging programs to choose between — the social sciences-based Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and the humanities-based Bachelor of Arts in Language and Area Studies. Both degrees include a variety of multidisciplinary course offerings. This page has general information about the undergraduate programs.

BA in International Studies

The BA in International Studies is a 63-64 credit program that allows students to gain a broad background as well as developing specialized expertise in elective areas. For a complete description of the required and elective courses, visit the International Studies Web page.

BA in Language and Area Studies

The BA in Language and Area Studies is a 51-credit hour program jointly administered by SIS and AU’s College of Arts and Sciences. The languages and regions included in this major are French/Europe, German/Europe, Russian/Area Studies, or Spanish/Latin America. This program also allows students to pursue challening elective courses while completing required courses that give the student a solid foundation. Complete course requirements are available on the Language and Area Studies Web page.

Pre-College Programs

The Washington Community of Scholars at American University is an exclusive opportunity for outstanding high school students to enhance their preparation for college and a professional career. We offer for-credit college courses designed for pre-college students to maximize your learning experience in small interactive seminars. Find out more.

The above info was added in July 2011, but here is the content of the previous listing.  We believe the Peacebuilding and Development Institute and its summer program has been folded into the School of International Service.

Peacebuilding and Development Institute

The Peacebuilding and Development Institute provides knowledge, practical experience and skills for scholars and practitioners involved in conflict resolution, peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance and development. There are two components to the institute: one is the summer professional training program and the other is the year-round practical training, capacity building, and curriculum development programs in conflict areas.

Old Resource Link: www.american.edu/sis/peace/summer/

Mohammed Abu-Nimer, Faculty Director
American University, School of International Service, 4400 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington DC 20016

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