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Kennesaw State University – Conflict Management

The Master of Science in Conflict Management (MSCM) is designed to train students to be conflict resolution practitioners in varied environments. The curriculum includes courses in theory, research, design skills and practice skills. It offers field study opportunities. Students select a specific environment and develop a substantive specialty.

The primary objective of the MSCM is to produce students who:

(1) understand  the nature of conflict from the perspective of multiple disciplines;

(2) understand the continuum of responses to conflict;

(3) possess the necessary skills to facilitate the management of various types of conflict;

(4) demonstrate the ability to  analyze and research conflict in an organizational environment;

(5) demonstrate the ability to design conflict intervention procedures and strategies appropriate to a particular situation or environment;

(6) demonstrate the ability to evaluate the efficacy of a given intervention or system of interventions; and

(7) successfully participate in conflict management on a practical level in one or more specific environments. 

The Master's program prepares students to identify and pursue opportunities for a new career based on conflict management expertise.  The MSCM program also provides students with enhanced credentials to pursue career advancement in an existing work environment.

Resource Link: www.kennesaw.edu/pols/mscm/about.shtml

Linda M. Johnston, Director



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