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Antioch University McGregor – Conflict Resolution Graduate Programs

Antioch University's Graduate Conflict Resolution Programs are internationally recognized with a reputation for graduating students who are highly skilled and knowledgeable theorist-practitioners.

The alumni are recognized for:

  • Breadth of knowledge of the field,
  • Ability to build capacity for collaboration among individuals, groups, and organizations,
  • Commitment to sustaining an ever-expanding learning community in the field,
  • Skills as negotiators, facilitators, and mediators,
  • Expanding the field into new markets and applications, and
  • Being critical consumers and cautious advocates of ideas and innovations in the field.

Individuals can elect to earn a Professional Certificate (2 quarters), Graduate Certificate (4 quarters), Master of Arts degree (8 quarters), or a Master of Arts degree with Concentration (8 quarters) in this emerging field through an academic experience that integrates alternative modes of learning such as short residential sessions, on-line learning, experiential practicum, and at-home study.  Essential features of the program include:

  • Designed for working adults,
  • One eight day residency on campus each year (all other work completed from your home community),
  • Support of cohort model,
  • Use of core faculty and associate faculty from among the field's leading-edge theorists, researchers, and practitioners,
  • Foundational knowledge through readings and on-line courses.

Resource Link: www.mcgregor.edu/cr/



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