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University of Denver – Applied Communication Master’s Degree

The Applied Communication program at the University of Denver University College is designed to provide the real-time and practical knowledge and skills that develop specific industry expertise required for career success in a wide range of communication professions.

The program’s curriculum emphasizes a balance of theory, principles, and practice combined with your professional experience to generate focused outcomes that generic communication degrees can’t offer. Faculty-led discussions, research, project-based learning, and cooperative study provide the strategic insight to effectively and immediately apply what you’ve learned.

Students can specialize in alternative dispute resolution, training and development, organizational communication, or public relations and marketing communications. The program prepares students for a wide variety of careers including employee relations, corporate communication, community relations, public affairs, training and development, government affairs, institutional advancement, human resources administration, advocacy, conflict mediation, and media relations.

An engaging learning environment filled with professionals who value their educational experience ensures the development of effective communication skill, critical and creative thinking, strategic and tactical decision-making, and global awareness.

The master’s of professional studies (MPS) In Applied Communication offers degrees as well as certificates of advanced study in the following areas:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (Conflict Management)
  • Training
  • Organizational Communication
  • Public Relations and Marketing Communication

Career and Growth Opportunities

The knowledge you acquire through the master’s of professional studies (MPS) In Applied Communication degree or any of the Applied Communication Certificates of Advanced Study will assist you in virtually all endeavors, business and personal interactions. The program is designed for a variety of individuals: professionals responsible for internal and external communication but whose education and experience lie outside of this field; communication professionals who wish to improve and update their knowledge and skills; and individuals seeking to enter a communication field or desiring to improve their personal communication skills.

The Applied Communication program supports the growth of professionals interested in a variety of management areas including marketing and public relations, human resources, healthcare, security, education, consulting, training, plus many other fields.

Outcomes for Applied Communication

  • Demonstrate both written and verbal communication skills that will be effective in social and corporate settings.
  • Display critical thinking processes: analyze, understand, and evaluate communication in organizations.
  • Display creativity for creating constructive processes for problem solving, decision making, or conflict management while assessing the effectiveness of these processes, and when necessary, revising the processes for more effective outcomes.
  • Develop one or two areas of specialized communication skills for job needs, career objectives, or personal development.
  • Model ethical leadership and professional behavior as effective communicators.
  • Understand the nature and needs of the communication processes that occur in groups, and organizational settings.
  • Demonstrate social awareness, responsibility and sensitivity for the communication required in culturally diverse groups.

Resource Link: http://www.universitycollege.du.edu/grad/comm/degreeplan.cfm/degree/applied-communication-masters/degreeID/356

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