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Nonviolent Change Journal

The Nonviolent Change Journal helps to network the peace community: providing dialoguing, exchanges of ideas, articles, reviews, reports and announcements of the activities of peace related groups and meetings, reviews of world developments relating to nonviolent change and resource information concerning the development of human relations on the basis of mutual respect.

The Nonviolent Change Journal is published by the Research/Action Team on Nonviolent Large Systems Change – an interorganizational and international project of The Organization Development Institute.

Letters and submissions should be sent to editor Stephen Sachs at ssachs@earthlink.net. In an August 2007 email, Stephen included these general guidelines:

NCJ invites articles (up to 3500 words), news, announcements, comments, queries, and responses relating to getting to peace (or problems in getting to peace) in a practical way at the community and inter-community levels. We welcome writings concerning inner and interpersonal peace that clearly show the connection to peace at the broader levels. Writings that have notes, must have the notes as end notes created manually (not automatically numbered and placed in a footer) as part of the main text (no footers, please, since everything is created as a single file, footers foul up the whole issue).

Research/Action Team on Nonviolent Large Systems Change

Resource Link: www.nonviolentchangejournal.org

Stephen S. Sachs, Chief Editor


1916 San Pedro NE




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