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The ATI Foundation promotes a democratic process that combines repeated large-scale, random polling of Americans with 30-minute deliberations between individual voters and unbiased professional interviewers. The result is a consensus of public opinion, which sometimes includes unexpected positions and solutions. As explained in the book Locating Consensus for Democracy, Public Interest Polling provides an inexpensive, practical way to locate a consensus of all Americans on major national issues.

As explained in Locating Consensus for Democracy (LCD),   Public Interest Polling gives us an inexpensive, practical way to locate a consensus of all Americans on major national issues.  It shows that the policies and government actions that most Americans want (75+%) are practical, pragmatic, internally consistent, and persistent over time.   And it shows that there is a huge disconnect between what the people want and what we get.


The mainstream news media takes seriously only policies that political leaders want.  The media justifies ignoring the disconnect because national elections so far confirm that the public simply continues to elect leaders who follow their own agendas and ignore the public's consensus views.


A presidential candidate might run a campaign committed to healing the disconnect and adopting the public consensus.  From the last four elections there is growing evidence that some candidates and their advisors are beginning to consider such a commitment seriously.   A candidate who runs such a campaign more clearly and convincingly than competitors is considerably more likely to be elected than the candidate running the typical campaign promoting the candidate's own agenda.

Resource Link: www.publicinterestpolling.com

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