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How Statutory, Regulatory, and Administrative Factors Affect National Forest Management

Forest Service officials have estimated that planning and assessment consume 40 percent of total direct work at the national forest level. That would represent an expenditure of more than $250 million per year. Although some planning is obviously necessary, Forest Service officials have estimated that improving administrative procedures could shift up to $100 million a year from unnecessary planning to actual project work to restore ecosystems and deliver services on the ground. The Forest Service is deeply committed to the principles of sound public land management in a democracy long-term planning on an ecosystem basis, extensive public involvement, inter-agency consultation and collaboration, and ample opportunities for public redress. Permitted to use the tools and apply the techniques of modern management, Americans can look forward to a future of healthy, resilient ecosystems all across their national forests and grasslands.

USDA Forest Service (2002)

Resource Link: www.fs.fed.us/projects/documents/Process-Predicament.pdf

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