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Making Choices Together: The Power of Public Deliberation

This 40-page booklet by David Mathews and Noelle McAfee (Kettering Foundation, 2003) provides an introduction to the practice of public deliberation; basic tips for developing deliberative democracy programs in communities using National Issues Forums materials; and guidance to further resources.

KetteringLogoThe purpose of this booklet is to provide three kinds of information to persons interested in developing  deliberative democracy:

The first type of information consists of the basic ideas behind the practice of deliberative democracy. Pages 1 through 24 give examples of persons engaged in public politics through deliberation, a brief history of public deliberation, the reasons deliberation is needed, how deliberation differs from other forms of public talk, what deliberation produces, and what the results of deliberation do in making communities more effective.

The second consists of beginning tips for how to develop programs in deliberative democracy in your community. Pages 25 through 31 give suggestions on how to get started and key ideas about how to develop deliberative forums using National Issues Forums materials.

The third consists of guidance to further resources. Suggestions for further readings on deliberative democracy are found on page 32. This information gives you a brief “primer” on the essential work.

Resource Link: www.nifi.org/stream_document.aspx?rID=16230&catID=4&itemID=16229&typeID=8 (free download)

As of August 2013, to order the booklet for $3 per copy, call Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT) at 800-600-4060. Or fax your order to 812-333-4218.

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