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Mix It Up at Lunch Day

Launched in November 2002, the Study Circles Resource Center (not Everyday Democracy) and the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Mix It Up” campaign helps young people identify, question and cross social boundaries in their schools and communities. Hundreds of thousands of students in thousands of schools have taken the challenge to sit with someone new during Mix It Up At Lunch Day. Students and teachers are welcome to order the free Mix It Up handbook, Reaching Across Boundaries: Talk to Create Change.

Mix It Up’s Story

We listened to young people talk about how hard it can be sometimes to fit in at school. The labeling and grouping on most campuses tends to put you in one group and keep you out of others.

Sometimes, the way other people treat you is tied to how “your group” rates at school.

We understand hanging out with people we think are most like us can be comfortable. But we also understand it can be uncomfortable when you want to hang out with someone new and other people think you should “stick with your own kind.”

Nowhere on school campuses are the boundaries of group membership more clearly drawn than in and around the cafeteria.

“They” sit at those tables and “the …” hang out over there. Everybody knows where you’re supposed to hang out. But why does it have to stay that way?

Truth is, things don’t have to be how they’ve always been. That’s why we decided to support young people who wanted to create change and started Mix It Up.

Mix It Up believes in the power of youth to create and sustain real change. We want to provide ideas and tools to help you break the walls of division in your school and community.

Mix It Up is a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance program.

Be sure to download the 21-page Mix It Up dialogue guide, Reaching Across Boundaries: Talk to Create Change at www.tolerance.org/pdf/mixdialogue.pdf.

Resource Link: www.mixitup.org

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