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African Coalition of Dialogue and Deliberation (ACDD)

Formed in 2005 after the first Canadian Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation, the ACDD is an African-led network of practitioners, researchers, students, and organizations interested in connecting African practitioners to each other, assuring access to the full benefit of African experience and expertise for the larger dialogue and deliberation community, and gaining financial and collegial support for African initiatives.

The ACDD seeks to support the rapidly growing numbers of facilitators, mediators and trainers working in Africa to connect with each other on an ongoing basis for collegial support and for the exchange of knowledge.  The ACDD also seeks to become a "go to" resource for the growing interest worldwide in African practices regarding participatory democracy, both indigenous and emergent, and conflict resolution and reconciliation in the African experience.

Where appropriate, the ACDD will model itself after the American NCDD (National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation) and C2D2 (the Canadian Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation).

To continue this initiative, a database of dialogue and deliberation practitioners living and/or working in Africa, is now being compiled. If you or your organization is based in an African country or works at least in part in Africa, please send your contact info to Programs@civiclifeint.org.

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