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Interaction Institute for Social Change

IISC provides training, consulting, partnership building, coaching, and facilitation services. Our multicultural team of seasoned consultants and practitioners helps to develop the capacity of individuals, organizations, and communities. We facilitate partnerships across the public, social, and private sectors and provide networking opportunities for social change agents. IISC is emerging as a premier designer and facilitator of large scale, multi-stakeholder social change efforts.

Interaction Institute for Social Change was formed by the for-profit Interaction Associates (IA), which was the first firm of its kind to fund a nonprofit. 10 percent of IA's annual profits are directed to IISC and IA's employees commit 10 days a year to community work.

Our Clients

Our clients include small and large nonprofit organizations, volunteer civic associations, coalitions, state and local agencies, and partnerships that involve corporations and community groups. They work in childcare, community development, health care, grassroots leadership development, education, housing, public policy, and other disciplines. We also work with community leaders who are creating new civic institutions and partnerships for peace in Ireland (North and South) and Eastern Europe.

SocialTransformation:  Summary of IISC Programs and Projects

  • We contribute to social change by focusing our efforts on transforming social and public sector organizations, public schools and education systems, and communities. » We guide organizations in the social and public sectors toward becoming more participatory, just, and high-performing workplaces and more engaged participants in community change.
  • We support educational leaders in developing the skills and tools that ensure effective leadership development and collaborative school communities. » We offer civic leadership development experiences for grassroots, neighborhood, and organizational leaders who are working to transform their communities from the inside out.
  • We facilitate collaborative planning processes and community dialogues for coalitions that involve many constituencies, advocacy organizations, and neighborhood groups.
  • We support nonprofit organizations, corporations, and government agencies in building partnerships and alliances that focus on creating a more just society and a fair chance for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ignite and sustain social transformation, catalyze collective action, and build collaborative skill to bring alive our vision of a just and sustainable world.

We accomplish this by providing network-building, consulting, facilitation, and training services designed to transform communities and organizations and build the capacity of leaders of social change. IISC works in partnership with those in every sector of society who are committed to social justice, including:

  • Leaders in marginalized communities and those who work with them;
  • Organizations, convenors, leaders and educators who work at the local, national or global levels; and
  • Collaboratives, networks, and coalitions focused on policy change or social impact.


IISC's workshops provide individuals with the skills to develop personally and professionally and to become catalysts for improving performance, building collaborative cultures, and achieving extraordinary results.


  • Facilitative Leadership
  • The Coaching Edge
  • Community Building Curriculum
  • Civic Leadership Lab
  • Managing With Impact

Organizational & Community Change

  • Facilitating Change
  • Diversity in the Collaborative Organization
  • Fair Chance Partnerships and Alliances


  • Mastering Meetings
  • Essential Facilitation


  • Teams in Action
  • Team Meetings
  • Team Sponsorship

Training for Trainers

  • The Masterful Trainer
  • Training for Licensed Client Trainers

Resource Link: www.interactioninstitute.org

Marianne Hughes, Executive Director



625 Mt. Auburn Street




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