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Survey of Leaders of Intergroup Dialogue Organizations

This survey was conducted by NCDD Director Sandy Heierbacher for the Center for Living Democracy and the Corporation for National Service via telephone between in late 1998 and early 1999. Seventy-five leaders of U.S. dialogue organizations and dialogue groups were interviewed, the vast majority of whom primarily organize intergroup dialogues on race. This survey strongly influenced Sandy’s decision to work with others to initiate the first National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation (2002), and to found NCDD, since it was clear that dialogue practitioners were disconnected from one another and largely unaware of the organizations and resources that were available to them. Download this Word doc here.

The 9-page summary of the survey results covers these six areas:

1. Representation & Attendance of Various Groups in Dialogue
2. Community Action
3. Needs of Dialogue Groups
4. President Clinton’s Initiative on Race
5. Basic Questions (methods used, ground rules, etc.)
6. Questions for Further Research

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