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University of Massachusetts Boston – Dialogue Processes Online Graduate Course

Structured as an online learning community, the core objective of this course is to cultivate practical know-how and theoretical knowledge of Dialogue Processes with a focus on Otto Scharmer's model of Generative Dialogue, which follows from William Isaacs work with the MIT Dialogue Project and David Bohm's understanding of dialogue. The course offers a range of learning spaces designed to develop our individual and collective capacities for bringing significant changes in how we think, communicate and learn together.

In addition to online inquiry, there are weekly skill and capacity building exercises, coaching triads, collaborative assignments and a real-world component where participants conduct a dialogue-based project within their own organization or community. The course will be delivered through WebCT, phone coaching, web-based synchronous meetings, web-based audio and video files.

Hosted through the Critical and Creative Thinking Program at The University of Massachusetts (Boston), the first course will take place February through May 2007.

Resource Link: ccde.umb.edu/dl/spring07/crcrth616/

Olen Gunnlaugson, Course Instructor


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