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Andrus Family Fund

AFF funds community reconciliation projects within the United States that put their Collaborative Change Approach to the test in addressing one of AFF's three priority issues: identity-based conflict, police-community conflict and conservation conflict. Presently, AFF does not fund international projects, although it will consider supporting international research that will inform our domestic work. AFF also funds programs that help people leaving the foster care system transition to independence.

AFF's Collaborative Change Approach

The Collaborative Change Approach (CCA) is a process for helping grantees engage multiple stakeholders in the creation and implementation of lasting change. Through this approach, convening organizations help members of a community articulate their underlying core values, name the change they seek, and develop a realistic and sustainable plan to achieve their defined change. A defining strength of the model is that it builds the capacity of participants to be reflective about what it will take to make sustainable change happen in their community.

This approach is based largely on Williams Bridges' Transition framework and the ARIA-C3 process.

Download AFF's PDF file about the Collaborative Change Approach at www.affund.org/PDFs/CR%20CCA.pdf.

About the Andrus Family Fund

The Andrus Family's most prominent endeavor is the Surdna Foundation, established by family patriarch, John Emory Andrus, in 1917. Currently, the Foundation has assets of more than $700 million and is among the dozen largest family foundations in the country.

In January 2000, the Board of Directors of the Surdna Foundation launched the Andrus Family Philanthropy Program (AFPP) to engage the almost 400 extended family members in philanthropy and public service. AFPP is an emerging alliance of programs that promote and develop meaningful opportunities for the entire Andrus family for public service, voluntarism, education, and training in philanthropy and non-profit work.

As part of AFPP, the Andrus Family Fund (AFF) was established to give fifth-generation family members between the ages of twenty-five and forty-five an opportunity to learn about and participate in organized philanthropy. While AFF is legally a fund of the Surdna Foundation, AFF defines and manages its own grantmaking program and process. Through AFF, a new generation of Andrus family philanthropists is identifying and implementing its own philanthropic vision.

In its first four years, the AFF Board has accomplished a number of goals. It has: selected two program areas that represent its passions, and through which it believes it can make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities; through its grantmaking, engaged in a real learning process; and awarded grants that make a difference. The Board is starting to see positive results as grantees and Board members learn together how to apply the Transition framework intentionally and consistently.

Info updated in 11/06.

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