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C.S. Mott Foundation

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, a private philanthropy based in Flint, Michigan, makes grants in the U.S. and selected regions internationally through four programs: Civil Society, Environment, Pathways Out of Poverty, and Flint Area. Through its four programs, and their more specific program areas, the Foundation seeks to fulfill its mission of supporting efforts that promote a just, equitable and sustainable society.

The mission of the Civil Society program is to support efforts to assist in democratic institution building, strengthen communities, promote equitable access to resources, and ensure respect of rights and diversity. The program is organized into four program areas:

  1. Central/Eastern Europe and Russia
  2. South Africa
  3. United States
  4. Special Initiatives – International

While grantmaking objectives and strategies are tailored to the specific circumstances of each geographic region in which the Foundation works, three broad themes unite grantmaking within the program:

  1. strengthening the nonprofit sector;
  2. promoting people's rights, responsibilities and participation; and
  3. improving race and ethnic relations.

The goal of the United States program area in the Civil Society program is to support a strong, independent and inclusive nonprofit and philanthropic sector where organizations excel in governance, management and public accountability; partner with the public and private sectors; work to improve race relations and racial equity; and build community assets to address community needs. The objective of the program area is to strengthen the nonprofit sector and philanthropy by enhancing nonprofit and philanthropic accountability, membership associations, community foundations and diversity in philanthropy.

Median grant size is in the $100,000 range. The majority of the foundation's grants are between $15,000 and $250,000 annually.

Refer to the application guidelines at www.mott.org/programs/guidelines.asp for more details.

Info updated in 11/06.

Resource Link: www.mott.org

Office of Proposal Entry, Mott Foundation Building, 503 S. Saginaw St., Suite 1200




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