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The Discourse of Participatory Democracy in Marine Fisheries Management

Participatory marine fisheries management systems bring together diverse stakeholders to share knowledge, authority, and responsibility for regional planning. As such, the intent of participatory or cooperative management endeavors is to move away from top-down, non-participatory governance systems that exclude local people and fail to meet conservation objectives. Case studies from the United States and Kenya are used to argue that despite official claims to the contrary, revamped fisheries management systems fall short of being genuine participatory democracies, fail to include stakeholders in substantive ways, and do not meet conservation goals. Means to share information in new, more effective ways and build truer, more equitable coalitions are offered.

Heidi Glaesel and Mark Simonitsch

Putting Fishers' Knowledge to Work Conference, BC, Canada (2001)

Resource Link: www.unesco.org/csi/wise/fishersmngt.htm

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