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Collaborative Democracy Network

A network of over 100 interdisciplinary and international scholars was established in the early 2000s to focus on the need to enhance the role of deliberative and collaborative methods in democratic governance. The goal of the network was to collaborate on research and theory building to strengthen the capacity of democratic governance institutions to produce better public policy. The Collaborative Democracy Network was coordinated by the Center for Collaborative Policy at California State University Sacramento and led by David Booher.

The scholars are interested in research and practice in public policy, public administration, political science, and planning. This network of interested scholars from different disciplines is cooperating in exploring the scholarly linkages in the fields of deliberative democracy, collaborative planning, and public administration.

The premise of the Collaborative Democracy Network is that there are very useful discourses underway in these fields that are converging in some ways. But the discourses are still distinct. The concept is to help bring these discourses together to explore the potential synergies around the theme: “Collaborative Policy and Democracy: Building Capable Institutions of Governance for Network Society.” The network envisions four outcomes:

  1. The participants will learn about each other’s practice and scholarship and make new connections that will enhance their future work.
  2. New directions for research and theory will be identified that will help move collaborative policy making forward in addressing issues challenging institutions of governance and enhancing democracy and civil society.
  3. A long-term network of scholars and practitioners who are interested in the potential of collaborative policy making for democracy and governance will be created.
  4. Publication of a collection of interdisciplinary papers on the topic.

Their strategy is to create a network of people in the three fields who are interested in pursuing this theme and collaborating to organize cross discipline panels and informal dialogues at selected conferences and meetings over the next three years.

Note: The Collaborative Democracy Network no longer exists. We’re not sure when the network phased out. Its old website, www.csus.edu/ccp/cdn/, is no longer active.

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