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Government Directed Change of Everyday Life and Coproduction: The Case of Home Energy Use

In recent years a number of individuals have argued for the usefulness of “co production” as an alternative to traditional, hierarchical systems of policy design and implementation. Co production has been touted as a means of reducing government intrusiveness, increasing service delivery, and encouraging citizen participation and education by making society's members serve as partners in the creation of services, not merely objects on which government agent's act.

By focusing on the Residential Conservation Service, a highly decentralized, federal government effort to encourage household energy efficiency, and by using unique data on home energy use, this study examined the operation of an archetypal co production policy. The results indicate some mixed findings regarding the promise of co production, and the study concludes with a presentation of some qualifications on "the promise" of co production.

Max Neiman

The Western Political Quarterly, 42 (3), 365-389 (1989)

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